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They're only operating for like one shift today. Both on the east coast and west coast There was another article that i read. Where was like hey over here guys. We have a port. we're open. Come deliver your goods over here. Guys are talking about the validity in california run off all the truckers with a do covered tax tactic and whatnot ports. Being shut down and Well that's an eight hour shift when your country after an epidemic is nuts but michigan has the rest of the country as far as all the coastal states by the mahoney's if they wanna use it because we are connected by the saint lawrence seaway to the atlantic ocean right and there are there i we. We can provide candid with goods. All the states around us. i mean. that's that's reading the mid west right there any stuff out at the same time. Any of the great lakes states. I have ports right. minnesota has one wisconsin's got on. Chicago's got one michigan's guy. One anywhere along that saint lawrence seaway. You're absolutely correct. It is connected and ships can get to and from through those avenue. So i then you got the erie canal connecting the mississippi. Yup yup absolutely you saying shippers have an option and they're choosing to stay outside of california for financial reasons. Well there's so much stuff that comes from. King leland that comes out to pacific the shipping companies right. The people that have a profit motive to unload right because turn and burn right unload loaded up with something else that you hit the next port right right. Why why would they fall in. Line with government dictates if alternatives. And you you know the language they speak which is coercion and violence. The state does so exactly so if these people are being or these companies are being threatened or bribed or whatever. You know who knows what's going on behind the scenes. That's why i'm asking major your thoughts. Well i got. I got a second if you give me a quick video. And you're talking about main being liberated annexed to new hampshire there. I thought it would be funny if well if we had the government back in the day that we have today that would just print money and throw it at anything. There was an expedition that did not get funding. That tried to get up into canada and case the british you know with their tails between their legs after we get their asses outta here but they couldn't get government funding so it It failed but yeah if we lived guards of of today back then we were now have kanada..

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