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To do right now Jason gains one Winans Lisa Winans and Tommy Sims all of them have connections to the Grammy awards in the denominator they've won if you tell me you you big dog you know one song of the year Ali this week I don't know if we're allowed to even sit in your presence right song of the year Tommy only come on now but I mean there is the prestige of the awards and there's also the other side of that coin where there's a reality of the politics of the Grammys and how it shows itself reveals itself in either the nomination process or the choosing of the winners now publicly we know that the Grammys are voted upon by a voting academy of music professionals without getting too deep in the weeds other voted on by their peers ostensibly but still there are political allegiances and alliances which may weigh upon who gets nominated or who ultimately is chosen is there any truth to that I'm going to call you out Lisa am I just making it up as I'm going right now or is there any truth to that I think there's a lot of truth to that and that's even something that Deborah brought up in her in her complaint when you say Dever we're talking about Deborah do good who was of now former recording academy CEO who was fired just days ago yeah yes she alleged that I think they were out of the twelve thousand there thirty out new artists were picked and put on the ballots that were nominated by the general public so that is something that you know say that again for the best new artist category it is done mostly by committee yeah and she's saying that there were there are kind of goes committees that add people to the nominations that weren't voted on by their peers why would they do something like that Lisa because they maybe these artists had or these labels have relationships with people in the Grammy awards so it's kind of like you know hook my friend up we know that there are still pristine and there is still I would say a monetary value to winning a grand or even just being nominated by Grammy so you're saying Lisa or it's it's not beyond the realm of possibility that their other interests at play I would not say that it's beyond the realm of possibility be it in the in these are things that are at this point alleged these are all a late like allegations is that where we are with this yeah we're it allegation is so I guess there's going to be some sort of investigation or whatever it is internally and then maybe we get the external kind of results of that as we move forward I think is out three three investigations out of got it going investigators are being investigated in them is just turned into a yeah I you know I'm I'll be interested to see how all of this plays out because I have always I don't know enough personally about how the pre nomination process because that's what it sounds like she's describing a lot of what happens before yes we actually hear who is quote unquote not correct so I don't personally know enough about it as a musician and as a person in the community I'd be interested to to learn more in here more I have always personally enjoyed my experiences with Maris as a voting member and etcetera and dumb and like Tommy said earlier which I think is really important it wasn't until I that became a member got nominated got into the community that I saw the work the nearest does in communities around the country for aspiring students musicians that is what really blew my mind you talk about Grammy in the schools ran in the schools and the money that they give to programs music for all of us theirs programs that please give that isn't really was I opening to me because for me growing up I saw them but it's just an award show to me is the I can see like you said Stevie perform and I don't have to buy a ticket I just turned eighteen that's an amazing thing for kids who just loves music but when I became a part of the community I saw the work that they were doing around the country and sometimes around the world and I thought this is really phenomenal but I will you know I'll keep my eyes open to is to what is happening behind the scenes because I think it is important in any area where where there's the cat me for pictures whatever it is for there to be transparency and fairness I try to exalt the idea of fairness in my own life I think we all aspire to do that let me ask you as a voting member what categories do you vote on and what categories are you allowed to vote on so I will say as of I think as a voting member you vote on all the categories I think is is a six yes No six got it okay about how you can vote for the top four and you can vote with in your experience you can vote with the you're cannot take that but then everybody gets to vote for the big the big warning yeah yeah not one of the year just click clean it up there it leads to balance the first ballot your limited as far as who you can vote for as far as the nominations but as far as the winners I think you have more freedom if I'm not mistaken yes I believe that is the case but final ballot find about yes yeah that's the technical term for a final battle it what do you think then as you hear Tommy living then come to you what do you think that when you hear about these allegations and they are just allegations but it does call into question the authenticity my word of the awards which should be given out in just days excuse me hours at this point god absolutely does in and and in the it's it's a it's a righteous call in my opinion because you know probably the general public may not know I even tend to forget sometimes that it is a non profit organization which which is to say it's an organization organized not to profit it's it's it's organized to serve above all else and it serves a particular community so you know when you get into these sort of murky waters of subgroups who get to vote outside of the parameters voting you know respond the voting regularities and all these types of things it has to be called I mean I think these things have to be called into question because at the end of the day it's a service group yes or no answer Tommy does that make you look at your own Grammy differently I mean not not really not necessarily and only from the standpoint of I didn't think I was supposed to win anyway so so you will give me yesterday the the reality for me was wow they they they pick they actually picked our song because as we were discussing before the category that we were in who was up against you do you remember baby face twice in the same category and Diane Warren who killed song of the year many times and then Tracy Chapman mmhm so we were newbies we we would that we would that we were the babies we were the newbies on the scene and I just I just was convinced a man we got a we got to put in a few more years we got a few more songs to come across the table before we walk the stage when we come back Jason I want to bring you back into this conversation we said newbies I tend to think of you as far as you have far more of your career ahead of you then behind you and I want to get your thoughts about where this whole business is going because when I was in the business we were actually just dealing with CD's and people bought albums what people don't do that anymore not at all some curious to get your input as far as what this business landscape looks like can you do that from when we come back I can try all right that's all this is the most Kelly so are Grammy spectacular KFI am six forty will live everywhere on the I heart radio app now to the news from Ford update law enforcement officers tactics church in LA to remember remember off to the LA county sheriff's detective amber least two was struck and killed after helping an elderly woman across the street the woman who saved also attended today's services quite a Rico's been hit by another significant earthquake the USGS says a magnitude five point oh quake struck near indios areas been dealing with a swarm of quakes since December thirty first former governor brown wants to know who's trying to sell his dad's memorabilia related to the assassination of JFK private letters and other items that have a long to Edmund G..

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