Republican Party, Austin Peterson, President Trump discussed on The Bill Press Show


Hello max you're on free talk live go hey you're on the air hey all right well my question is a pretty general one at that i was just wondering if you felt that we would have a better chance at this point being people have libertarian ideology advancing the ideals of freedom and libertarianism through the republican party at this point since we've been seeing people like austin peterson and such going that route recently well first of all mark you're saying that as a republican i'm republican yeah nothing can be done on the national level really what has to happen is the united states government has to finally come crashing down the giant weight of debt it'll be forty if the pattern continues it should be forty trillion dollars by the time trump leaves office if he's in free ears i don't i don't see how eighty buddy is going to any one person any five people any fifteen representatives are possibly going to get in there and really change anything are we really going to get a situation where we've got fifty one libertarian senators and two hundred and twenty libertarian representatives and a libertarian president i mean i now i mean it just seems like such a pipe dream th the juicy plum of power seems so you know so attractive that there's no possible way we could ever do anything on a national level.

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