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Newsmax that I'd write at least two articles a month. For them. I'm writing to know. I wrote an article this'd morning for Newsmax. I say this about twice a year, I said to Eve I'n wrote a really good article for these men. So I never say that it's one that I think you're gonna want to read and we'll have it on our website once it's published in on the new site. All right. 16 363 11. Sam, We get two phones right After this, we'll be back. Guy promises life in your journey on starting a family. God has plans got his plans to prosper you to press for your family. And that may just look different than what you ever expected. That is definitely a journey that has truly rooted me in Christ even closer because I allowed it when you know who you are in God, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter when you look at someone else's story. It doesn't line up with yours. There is life after miscarriage. There is life after infertility. There is life. The promise is worth waiting and walking through desert just surrender and daily like, okay, would I know you're in control? Join a sisterhood of faith. Watch out. Spoken right here on F I f M TV. India Partners is an amazing ministry. And my goal is to make sure that every evangelical household knows about India partners that.

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