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April came into view when he made the decision to kind of green light but bin laden raid. I think part of his we know from his memoirs and from my disgusted with with others. Who are part of this process. There was a concern that he would bin laden would leave now. They didn't know that actually bin laden had agreed with his bodyguards that he could leave as l. He could separate as early july twenty eleven. But we know this from the documents were covered in about about. So where would he have gone his team at found a thirty five year. Old pakistani local guy with some kids who'd had some experience buying selling properties he wasn't necessarily pot of qaeda But they don't they don't profit one person who might be substitute protector. And then where would he have gone knows you know presumably. He had some cash that he would have been able to find place somewhere in northern pakistan But but president obama's decision to kind of pull the trigger on the bin laden raid authorizing. It turns out to be all the better decision because we now know that bin laden was really he could have separated from his body causes early of july. Two thousand eleven which would meant that. He would have had to find some of the hiding place going back before that. There were rumors for years of bin laden. Finding a way to get to places as far-flung as yemen his family's ancestral home in the hunter amount or to the southern philippines where al-qaeda had supported the islamic insurgency and jihad operations. There did you find anything in all of these recently released documents. That bin laden was seriously exploring any of those options or was he really wed to staying in northern pakistan or just across the border in afghanistan. He was really wet to staying about part of the world after we spent much of his adult life in pakistan afghanistan..

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