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That would have been easy. It's all right. We we might have a few things up our sleep. I I can tiebreaker as well. Okay. Let our first tiebreaker. This is going to be prices prices, right? Prices Rourke rules, you're gonna guess number between one thousand and the closest without going over gets their idea to move on. There's going to be an honor system. Both of you were going to write down an idea. And I'm going to ask a number, and I'm going to ask you what your number is. Okay. And I in the chat for you guys. And then it keep it could just say it. Excellent. Okay. Here's your question. We asked shut up Tim to name a number between one and one thousand without going over closest wins. What was that without going over? Can I change my number? Now, you don't have to I'm going to type in my number. Okay. And then you get to say what yours is. So I sent my number two digital Klein into. Jess, they have it. Okay. All right. So then get a kiva number, and you already have mine kiva. What is your number one hundred kiva has guest one hundred rob what is your number? I put in five a one five oh one. So in order to determine the winner of this bracket the closest without going over we shut up Tim number between one and one thousand in his response was and I quote four. Twenty. Kiva me in the middle listeners. Oman, Nebraska, baby. Okay. We're putting through an idea that has a zero percent chance of actually being probably thought perhaps or whatever your percent chance, and we send like well people out on what we're we're going to get people to fly into Omaha Nebraska to meet and record audio and that will be a podcast, and this is going to come up on the wheel. And then we are we sending the people sort of pre do it. Yeah. We'll send them ahead. Okay. How about this? It doesn't go on the wheel until the counter happens. Of course, not. But also phones it didn't win the whole go on the wheel until it wins, the grow it may grow in rob. As we go on here. Can't wait until we have. One two in the in the first round thing to more. Yeah. More just to tie the loosened on the tiebreaker. I asked him without him knowing what it was he responded for twenty. Broth, I followed up and said just so, you know, this is for a tiebreaker on, Robin. Akiva, Neto podcast. Would you like to change your number? And he said, no, I'm sticking with good. Excellent. Okay. Let's move onto our next match up. We got to use tiebreaker. Finally, here we go to ideas, you get to decide the winner. I idea rob..

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