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Convention. By getting the killer question rob has taken the lead. Eight two seven now a nationwide. Manhunt began for Bundy who continued to feed his hunger for murder. While on the run in the early morning hours of January fifteenth nineteen seventy-eight. He broke into a sorority house at Florida. State University brutally killing two female students and left two others with serious injuries. Question Number Fifteen. At which Sorority House did Bundy? Carry Out these attacks. A kappa sigma be they apply. See Chi Omega. Jared be data that is incorrect. Rob See Chi Omega. See Cayo Mega is the right answer. That makes the score. Rob Nine jared seven. According to an rules book the stranger beside me Bundy carried out the attacks on all four women in under fifteen minutes but he didn't stop there the same night as Ko Mega Bundy carried out a similar attack at an apartment building near the Sorority House. Luckily FSU Students Cheryl. Thomas survived that attack. Then on February Ninth Bundy killed for the last time when he took the life of twelve year. Old Kimberly Diane Leach. The FBI finally added Bundy to. It's ten most wanted fugitives list. Question Number Sixteen on what date was Ted. Bundy placed on the FBI's most wanted list a February tenth. Nineteen seventy eight. B February Fifteenth Nineteen Seventy Eight C February twentieth. Nineteen seventy-eight jared a February tenth nineteen seventy eight February tenth nineteen. Seventy eight is the correct answer the very next day after he had killed young Kimberly Leach. At the time. Bundy was wanted for murder in six states. Shockingly it only took three days after being added to the FBI list. That bundy was back in custody. Question number seventeen to end this round. How was Bundy captured for the final time a driving a stolen Volkswagen beetle be running from the scene of an attack see? He turned himself in. Jared a driving a stolen. Vw Beetle. The correct answer is a. He was driving a stolen. Beat up you beetle. Around one thirty am on February fifteenth. An officer pulled him over after running the license plates and discovered the car was stolen at first. Bundy resisted arrest fighting off the officer but he was finally.

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