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I asked bryce huff the mccleary city council member what he thought and he said he's just not sure i've heard people say that we've had you know gone on for years and trump. Oh i don't know if i'd vote for him again and then i've heard other people say he's doing outstanding job and it's come across wherever people who said i never would have guessed them to say it so i mean i think it would be interesting to see now that we know for years that trump has brought he'll keep that trending grace harbor mccleary or if it will change and go to india and biden rather than trump and colt fascinating. Of course big picture. Washington state is pretty reliably blue so our electoral college votes will almost definitely go for biden. No matter how mccleary votes but you make the point. That places like mcclary could determine who wins the presidency. This week why big picture trump manages to flip two hundred seventeen counties that voted democratic to in western washington. Grays harbor mason county and a lot of these places. Are historically democratic extraction industry economies and anybody's watching the debates knows that western pennsylvania could be the key for biden especially if he loses in florida. And what they have in western pennsylvania but fracking. It's been a big issue in these debates. So jobs are important for these voters. Jobs are still important. And i actually spoke to one former democrat after the two thousand sixteen election in neighboring mason county. Big trump guy. At this point this is also as you mentioned a county that flipped for trump. And here's what he said. Hillary clinton talked a lot about a glass ceiling during this election. And you know that's important but you can break glass now here in mason county. We've got a concrete ceiling that everybody's facing so i'm really going to be looking at grays harbor county mason county on election night To see whether or not they flipped back because it could be that some of these counties are kind of bellwethers for what we're seeing nationally reporter. David hyde really good to talk to you. Thanks thanks trish. Thanks for listening to seattle. Now the show is produced by claire. Mcgrane sophie read map martin. Carolina chamberlain gomez and jason piano. Matt jorgensen does our music. I'm patricia murphy..

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