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People find you online. They can find me on pretty much every social media platform apt. Howdy miss doughty. Love that sweet. You will on a fun story about why my my My thing used to be b. s. m. dowdy because i went. I went home. And i did a show like while i was doing hairspray. We did the wild party. Lip was the wild party for benefit for this Theater that we had all worked at as kids and it was like our big community theater there and on the poster it said featuring because i wasn't like believed i was like what another girl i was only there for like two rehearsals and then the show so it said featuring broadway station michelle doubting so now so now. That's just become like my brand now. When people introduced me they it was a joke. And i was surprised by. I always thought it was a funny joke But didn't so now people just like it when they introduced the days are like broadway cessation of Now now embraced it. How funny gentleman broadway sensation michelle. Thanks for coming on. What a thank you so much fun. This is a helmet Have a wonderful summer. And i can't wait to tune in i'm i have your music already like sink download and i've been listening to it this morning. So on your your amazing. I in yeah done. Thank you so much michelle guys so much. This was so much fun ma. See you soon. Michelle love her. One of my favorite chats. That was one of my favorites because we saw like an in depth. Look at what happened. And what she did and what she implemented in what she had in her and what she did to grow and like man. That was really great. That was awesome. What a story though like got just left. You're on the plane. you're walking on. Get the call. You know. Senior year of high school. You got it. Like how mind blowing is that. It's just it's something you'll never forget. I mean just the seren- diplomats nature of how everything happened. And she was ready. Had she not put in that work. I mean her. Four years in high school was to my first four years out of college in terms of the amount of time that she spent honing and watching and learning. I mean she was ready. She was given that opportunity because she was ready for it. I don't know anybody who worked that hard in high school and was dot ready for anything i mean. She deserved it all. Her destiny knew that and she was supposed to see that girl who told her. Hey and in open call that happen to do you know how many interviews we've had where that has been words just a friend said. Hey you should go. Boop so crazy off i i love michelle known her for years and she is just a ray of fucking sunshine she really yes. Yes so at low home. Y'all good energy. that was a good one. Finally we had a good one. Hun- scott. I needed that. I needed out right out of his own. Alrighty everyone thank you so much again for listening you can find

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