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The maximum pain relief 500, now back to Mike Bagley. That's how it sounded Sunday evening on the Motor Racing network is Martin Truex Jr picked up his third Martinsville winning in his last four Martinsville starts, including his second win of 2021 R. Kim Kun caught up with Martin prior to last weekend's race at Martinsville. I think at the end of the aerial probably say Bristol was probably one of the top changes you enjoyed to the schedule because we've hot well, we had a couple and then we talk Has some ward look forward to in terms of additions and kind of edits to the 2021 circuit. So which, obviously Bristol you ran well, but looking forward at some of the other things we get to experience this year that we have it on the cup side. What's your next one that you're really excited about? I think, you know, just learning the new road courses that we haven't been, too yet. You know, Koda's way. We did tire test out a coda. That was that was really unique, different tracks very different course. Stand anything we raced on. I think it's like, kind of like if you match together, Walking's glands to know most kind of what it is. It's It's got a little bit everything. So that's I thought was fun and that I think it's gonna be a good show, and I've never been to road America. You know, I I enjoy watching they're on. You know that the race is they that they have, and they're just learning those new courses is fun Road. America is historic Road course, and it's gonna be cool to go there and then, obviously, Indianapolis wrote, Words have no lapse there, either. So, um Think figure in those that are going to be fun. That's always a good challenge. So we saw you run the truck before Bristol. Any chance you might happen? Maybe in an extended a card to prep yourself for road America. Cota when we do is that those circuits I don't believe so. I don't think it's in the cards this year, so I think I'm done with trucks and Xfinity for the season. I got high. I got my one in each and go back to just focusing on the Cup series. We've gotta get through this season, but the next year we obviously have the next Gen car. How much have you thought or started to prepare for that? Or is it like we got to get through 2021 1st. Yeah, I think you know for me and, um, you know for our team. I think it's you know, you got to get through this year. First. I know in the background that JGR they're working on the new car, everybody Thi rd. And that's way harder. They're all working on, you know, planning and figured out how that stuff's gonna look, and when you go inside the inside the actual 19 team that's 28 18 11. Whatever we're all focused on, you know the job at hand, which is, you know, how do we go in this championship this year, So there's All of it, everything going on, But we felt it on. You know what's closest to us right now. So we talked about the parody. And a lot of that Perry has been in a surprise. I mean, you had Michael McDowell when the 500 Christopher Bell when the road course I would actually throw in your Phoenix. One asses a kind of a surprise Only because it was your first win it Phoenix. Before the season started. It is someone I told you. You were gonna win in the first seven races. Which track would you organize? It would have been because I don't know that Phoenix would've been my guest for you. Yeah, that wouldn't have been my guess either I would have. I would have probably seen Atlanta or somewhere like that. And that actually, Atlanta's probably worse. We've run all year. So here for Yeah, I mean, it's zero. It's still I think it's still a big challenge with no practice and you know, going through that, and there's so many assumptions. You know, we go from last year to this year, and little things change with the rules, and it makes big impact on. You know your card. How you have to got to set up and sometimes, you know, um every week and asked James, How do you feel? He's like Well, you know, if if all of our you know, 100 assumptions are correct, we're going to be really good. Yeah, there's there's you know, as much technology as there is in the race teams with simulation all these different things. There's still a lot of human error that's about there's a lot of things you have to say. You know, Okay. I don't think this is actually gonna work. This president. Just this says it's gonna work and I don't really feel it. There's still a lot of there's still a lot of that going on, and I think you know no crackers kind of definitely mixes things up. Still human. It kind of makes it fun, though. It's like baseball. In my opinion, the air's make it interesting. Yeah, it's part of racing. You know you you know that's what you do like, um you know, we went to Phoenix this year. We're like, OK, what we've been doing there is not working we needed we needed, you know, Roll the dice Come up with a new set up, Try some new things, and you know it. Look if we went there last year and run third or fourth or fifth and only needed small tweaks. You know, we might have done that. But we're like, you know, we were not very good last time. So we kind of went all in and on. Sometimes those things pay off. So yeah, that was that was good that it happened, But you just never know really. It's rare to see teammates get into it on track. You know, we've got breakfast last. You and Joey Logano. It seems like every other week Casely, you and Denise far does it make you more frustrated when an on track incident happens with a teammate versus Competitors from a completely different organization. Like where does it stack up versus if you were to get into it with me from 100 car? I think it just depends on your relationship. And, you know, really, I think as a driver, all you ever expect is for you guys to race. You know what your race then you know on that's really what you expect out of it and you know, so it's really different. I think for every individual it's different for every team, how they work together and things like that. Um, you know, it just depends on those relationships. All right, well, we're almost a quarter way through the season. So I want to get your early predictions which four teams make it to the championship race, and we'll say you're one of them, but you're not allowed to pick Any of your other teammates. So who are the other three guys? You're going up? For the hardware for when we get to see next at the end of the year. Early predictions early predictions I'm going to say I'm gonna pick Larson. I think I think he's you know that. I think they're really strong. 100. Cars in general have been really strong and he's obviously you know, talented driver did all this race track, so I'm gonna go with him. Um I'm going to say It's a toss up. Probably go to 22, okay? And I think a surprise. I think that the other one might be a little bit of surprised. Okay, I'm gonna go with the 24 virus. All right. I like it. I think he's uh He's really I think their cars were really, really strong. And he's kind of turning it up a bit..

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