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Threaten the snake and the snake self threatened it could pull back straight into the grass and disappear very quickly. So if I had not seen him stew and kept walking down those steps, would he have got me? No. I think he would have. He would have stood as still as possible until you got very, very close and then he might have jumped back and then you would have you would have seen him and he would have taken off a hundred miles an hour, the other direction. Now tell me this street with the floods over the last couple of days and what you said about how the seeking more heat will we see more snakes around places now because they're obviously wet or damp. Well, I think absolutely run off my feet the last few days with all the floods I've been working closely with big pole and a few councils pulling strength out of floodwaters and we are going to say a few more snakes if you can imagine any waterways house a number of different wild loss down there so I went as that water rises everything needs to go stay quiet and move away. So at the moment I can look into get up high so any trees that are in the floodwaters will have snakes in them and other wildlife. As that water factor say, you'll see the spikes out and move along and yeah, moving around so if you do come across a snake and you know you just need to be mindful that the smoke is terrified things flush out of the time, just give it plenty of space, Cole, wildlife Victoria, color loss and scientific principle. Everyone just cool down. Things are said. I hope you still here when I get back, but I'm just going to go and call my head, you know? Important thing, guys, the most important thing that we need to realize, yes, snakes are dangerous, but they're only dangerous if we interact and interfere with them. If we give them plenty of spice, they want nothing to do with us. Very nice, Chewy. Move on there on. Now tell me this. I've always wanted to know this because I'm obviously been English terrified at snakes, right? Say I get stung, right? What should I do if I get stung by a snake? Am I to lie down very, very still to not get the blood pumping around my body and wait for help or pray for death? Christian, you want to get stung by a snake, you'll be bitten by a slice. And if you are beaten by a snake, the first thing you do is try to make your mind calm. A compression immobilization bandage technique is the required first site for it. However, if you don't have one, just sit still call an ambulance and lit the help come to you. We probably average around 3000 snakebites each year in Australia and only 1.4 average people die per year from snake bite. The average, between one and two people a year, die from time and usually that's because they don't get help in time or they're out in the bush and just simply can't get help. But Australia is very, very efficient with first aid. And when it comes to snag bark, they take no chances. Traded correctly, you've got a very, very high success rate is pulling through. Great. Thank you, stewie, the snake man. That is this week's snake chat, which stewie the snake man. Joey, this has been great. Thank you very much. Hi, Stewart. If people want to give you a call, give yourself a plug. Ask you the snake catcher on Facebook. Or contact us on one 300 reptile. So good. Oh, I'm gonna have that to live for each other every day. One 300 reptile. I'm not gonna call triple zero if I get stuck. Jerry. Should we come save me? Suck it out, stewie. On a brighter note. You listening to the Christian O'Connell show podcast.

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