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Love that phone like reminds me of home that's funny bob because the quantum world is expanding and lisa is expanding its offerings to include lisa pillow blanket foundation and frame we want you to try leesa mattress in your own home for one hundred nights riskfree it's available or someone else's home or it is available in the united states the u k canada and germany online with free shipping hundred percent american made mattress ships compressed in a box right to your door or as caras says try it at the lisa dream gallery there's one in soho new york city one in virginia beach and over eighty west dome stores nationwide get one hundred three dollars off and a free pillow when you go to l e s a dot com slash skeptics or it guys let's get back to the show okay let's move on to science or fiction it's time fool science fiction each week i come up with three science news items worth acts to real in one fake tells my panelists kept ix tell me which one is the fake got three regular news items no fem see if i manage to find one find ones that you guys haven't seen are you ready yeah all all right right i number one a new study finds that people have intentional smell blindness they may not notice a new odor if distracted and then become habituated to the odor without ever noticing it number two a pew survey finds for the first time that the percentage of americans who feel it is essential that the us remain a world leader in space exploration has dropped below fifty percent by number three scientists report the results of study that showed that parents restricting their children's use of electronic devices in order to make time for schoolwork actually correlates with worse academic performance later in college oh my god the hell is that about our j while you're sort should watch.

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