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Welcome back to Jim Bohannon showed 18665 Jimbo 1866554626 at Missouri is with us. To talk about internal Facebook documents indicating an admission that they they do tend to, uh shall we say show bias against conservative points of view Bill in Pittsburgh. Good evening. Getting another way. Evening as good evening. Good evening. My question is to add, Um is is there any type of regulatory agency Populated for these fact Checkers. It seems like when you make a post, you know your immediately yet you know, this has been flagged as partially false. Where do we find out Who fact checked Who? And who regulates the fact checker. I don't suppose you're already regulators of the fact checkers Per se, I would assume that the fact checkers work for Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, right? I mean, we're not talking about some independent body here. Are we at him? I don't think there is such a body. There is an organization that does certify who can or cannot be a fact checker. It's this organization called Pointer International Fact checking Network or the F C. N And basically pointer of evaluates people who apply based on a certain set of criteria, Interestingly enough, not included in the criteria to be a fact checker conflict of interest. So they look to certain standards that don't include conflict of interest in specific to some of the fact checking that we've seen take place around covid a lot of problems there, right. We've seen fact checkers referred to To to researchers who were working directly at the Wuhan lab Institute. Um and so you see a lot of conflict of interest that do sort of hit. Some of the some of the flag post that you think maybe you should have been allowed to fly. There are 62 organizations that officially have this IFC and certification. But Facebook only looks to actually six organizations to be in their pool. In fact, checkers And you know, it's it's when you When you look at who funds these organizations, you know, it's very clear that conflict of interest is not one of the concerns when it comes to the fact checkers, So I think there's a lot of problems there. Um, pointing to the government, though. We have. The FTC really is kind of the organization. I think that should be or what kind of pointed out of being the organization that would regulate social media in general, specifically pretends to Perfect communications. But right now the system is very flawed. Which I suppose this time for us to bring up section 2 30. Oh, 2 30, You know, you have, uh, 2 30 is is one of those policies that basically says These social media platforms. These big tech online interactive platforms are immune from whatever user content might be posted, however, parable that content might be And that's really what's allowed these organizations to kind of abuse their positions as potentially forms for free speech. They've taken the position of editors as really almost publishers to an extent. Choosing which people on their platform they want to hear from which which people they don't want to hear from the thing about section 2 30 that I think is really interesting is if you look at the America First Policy Policy Institute. And the lawsuit that President Trump is waging against Bank Tech. He's saying that there is so much intersection between the White House the administration right now and Facebook, Twitter and Google. There's so much intersection there between the leadership decisions that take place on a daily basis that you now have big tech acting like a It really extension of the government so In that respect. Big tech really doesn't get to enjoy or trample on our first Amendment rights. Big type shouldn't be allowed to have section 2 30 liberties or immunities. I should say. Noting that you know, it looks like Big Tex actually, just a part of President Biden's propaganda machine. Yeah. 18665 Oh, Jimbo 18665054626 with Adam Waziri of agency partner dot com and Michael in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Good evening. Good evening, Jim. You know the old saying, what goes around comes around. I remember liberals complaining that You know they can never get a fair hearing on the, uh, Reagan Republican dominated talk show hosts of America. Or programs of America, which numbered in something like, uh, 8000 plus 4000 quote. What programs? Uh, stations stations that handled talk shows. Um well, I don't know. They're 13. They're 13,000 radio stations in America. I don't know there might be 4000. I don't know whatever. But anyway, talk show format was completely dominated. By conservatives, and I remember how. Although it was, it's dominated by virtue of listener choices. There were plenty of liberal outlets that just that nobody listened to him. Unless, of course, you count NPR. Well, that's what they always said. But like I said, that's also what was always true. So just so we know But like I said, Roger Ailes needed political strategy. Adam studying that and, uh, in reaction to that Obama said. Well, look, we need to have monitors we need to have we need to go back to the fairness products. Uh, fairness doctrine of the FCC. We need to have monitors in every studio like in Jim Bohannon studio sit there who will sit there and find out whether Jim Bohannon is as bad as Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh and cutting off anybody who just disagrees with their point of view? Yes, yes, there was serious talk of that kind of outright censorship. That's true that would have succeeded only in driving. Talk radio online where there is no such FCC control, But okay Well, I've heard such discussion. Would you like I guess to comment on that. Or or what? Well, well, I have a friend who was a co founder of, uh, Facebook and I'll tell you how they think they think is. Well look. Um, just like the crossbow was at one time judged to be the the weapon. That would, uh, in the civilization on Earth. Uh, the the conservative Uh, talk show was thought to be that kind of a political Nobody has nobody forces or radio station do adopt a conservative talk format. There's no no, uh, body that stands in the way, whereas, for example, uh, organization like parlor, which our guests might want to address found itself blocked from even competing. Adam. Isn't that crazy that just the week after parlor was number one in the appstore for downloads that literally the Monday after, after a fantastic Friday parlor was shut down by its host by Amazon, and this is right after Amazon and Twitter empty, multi multimillion dollar multi year very lucrative deal for hosting tweets. Which, of course, Twitter you know was, I would say the number one kind of Darth Vader of parlor. It was the biggest competitor out there and probably was trying to eat up their their user share so Very interesting that we saw Google come together with apple and work with Amazon took really protect their fund. Twitter and destroyed parlor. Uh, collusion question, Mark, man. It sure looks like it. Given the timing of Not only partly losing its host, but also the timing of Apple, kicking it off the APP store and Google kicking it out of Google play. Stay with us more to come. 18665. Oh, Jimbo 18665054626. There will be back on the Jim Bohannon show in just a moment. 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