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People like young people juniors. Oh always and. I think that's a way to do that. It's like you got to participate in the twenty fifteen world mixed in right now. The world mixed If you have a team and you sign up you get to go but how much how. Much of an impact that have on your development as curler getting to go to a world competition like that and get that experience you. It's amazing way. It's it's hard to explain but you when you go to any ward competition events like that so it's experienced that you need to go to see it's it's time klaux is all the rules and the cannot sweep the just little things that when you do many times. Don't be attention anymore. But once you're first every new though ever sees the extra stress Extra distraction you need to go you need to go and go again learning experience. That's the only way for us. Learn this on january. Now we have The juniors ward be chanting It's going to fire some. Did the brazil's sending team. Oh that's fantastic john. I know jonathan will be there. Huskies always in yeah. He's always for that so he'll be there. Coaching yeah cool. Yeah could knock on wood. We have to win our championship qualifier in two weeks. But yeah if we win thin it's mboya finland so that's way cool. Excited would have a laid this team and boys team and is meant to be the first time in awards championship for them they are they are great kids. Lots still pretty young on a now knock curling time on ice but another thing they are going. They still need to learn lots near still pretty green. You but That's it they are going to have no pertinent some goto dr ward event..

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