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Open for the hockey season december twenty. They're supposed to come back with if they'll resume you've hockey but yes beaver creek adulterer calling south metro for the time being which i love i especially love alter coming back because my first year covering high school hockey if a centerville spring borough and a bizarre it was awesome after that year alter moves the carrying rack. Which you know makes sense. It's a cavalry in school. The planet the kettering wreck with a beaver creek so there was a nice little rivalry there and especially when alter beaver creek got played. Yeah that place gets loud it's awesome. It's sad that students sections are allowed to come out. It's parents only at the moment. But i mean the alternative is. We don't have sports and i'm I'm blabbing on about or have interviews. Which hopefully will start again next week. But we'll see so. Yeah that's what spring borough has alter has mason. Tonight's at eight o'clock from south metro. And they have another game tala wanda to sunday night at seven forty five years. I said sunday night. Some forty five which is a little bit weird because normally sunday we get out of there right as the sun sets but yeah ice hockey is still carrying on. I miss my centerville ice hockey family and yeah things are going pretty well a tk d. Sports i know a lot of people might not like the change of. Hey it's free to you know. Now it's four k but graphics and oh yeah. I'm getting paid but never mind. I mean i know it's a change and i know it's kinda drastic one because you know you tell people go. Youtube channel subscribe and then wait for the stream to start whereas this one you know you have to ten bucks per game which you know. That's not bad. Tickets are a little less but at the same time. A lot of that money goes back to school. Ali what did my boss kevin fowler. Tell me by the way. I i am planning. I've kevin fowler on my podcast sometime soon. She say about ten percent goes back to tk ds and not really exposing all what goes on behind the scenes but it's a lot because tk has several cruise. I mean they have to have all the g. walks schools. Cover now carlisle's in the mix. I think bell brooke might be in the mix so yeah. Kevin does a nice job with sports. And i implore you..

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