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The number of requests related to this in some way over the years we have gotten approximately an equal number of requests for the residential school programme in canada and about specifically carlisle school in the united states but like carlisle as we've just said was part of a much much bigger system so after the break we're gonna talk more about fourshot indian school specifically and how it went up starting a basketball program this episode of steffi missed history class is brought to you by blue apron the number one fresh ingredient and recipe delivery service in the country blue apron's mission is to make incredible home cooking accessible to everyone and they achieve this by supporting a more sustainable food system setting the highest standards for ingredients and building a community of home chefs there is her as a becoming up that is krispy wild alaskan pollack and garlic mashed potatoes with roasted broccoli and turter sauce and i'm glad that my husband doesn't like seeff because i meeting both of their servings it is so delicious am i really enjoy cooking on a level that i did not enjoy before we started getting blue apron delivered to our home you can choose from a variety of new recipes every single week or let blue apron's culinary team surprise you that's what i do and i have never been disappointed recipes are not repeated within a year so you will never ever get bored check out this week's menu and get thirty dollars off your first order with free shipping by going to blue apron dot com slash history you're going to love how good it feels and tastes to create incredible home cooked meals with blue apron so don't wait that's blueaproncomhewitt serie blue apron a better way to cook.

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