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I'm proud to call you both, my friend. Oh man, that is the Tsar of talk Michael Barry, our good friend at a Houston saying some very kind things there. In his own right, a fantastic radio host. And the thing about Michael berry is you roll with Michael bear in Houston and it's just whatever you need. People are like, oh yeah, Michael Michael said, you know, all of a sudden you want, you want to go roll around at the monster truck rally. We'll get you down in the middle of the monster truck. Whatever you need in Houston, Michael Barry's got you. He is a great dude. We love all of our people down in Houston and before the show is out buck. I will tell you all of the markets that we are number one in because the list has become massive. And that is a testament to all of you, not just listening, but saying, hey, if you're fed up and I hear this for people all the time and you're just begging for sanity, it's like you're walking in the desert and you finally see water and it's not a mirage. It's an oasis. That is us. That is us. We are here to provide that little bit of water when you're parched in the desert right now. And by the way, I meant rodeo, but I said monster truck rally because for some reason, my brain couldn't. But yes, I was able to get down on the dirt at the Houston rodeo thanks to thanks to Michael Barry. So clay, I was going to make a transition here to bicycle from rodeo, but that's not really working. You know, I've been thrown off the horse. You could say. But president president Trump, former president Trump has been making the rounds, and he had a little bit of fun with the Biden bike scenario that happened here. Let's play a clip one for everybody. A pledge from the Donald. And I hope he has recovered because as you know, he fell off his bicycle today

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