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You just get back to back. Felony gun charges without losing gains. You're going to lose gain from frank clark. and instead. They signed close to home somebody that they're familiar with. Alex okafor on a one year deal. I don't know the numbers on that deal. You don't think that's been released yet. And it's a one year deal. All i'm saying is britain. Andy now you have a lot of the time so you can get the benefit of the doubt. You have a lot of the time. Been right this one. You better be right because you haven't if you weren't it feels like you're working on the cheap. It feels like you're trying to do something about somebody you know more. And i don't know about you too. But i look at it if you give me. Melvin ingram or alex. Okafor in terms of what i need rushing the passer ongoing melvin ingram every time and as i said this is the you better be right tour in britain. Andy bitter be right on this one. I think that's fair in some regards. But i mean if you look at what melvin. Ingram did and a lot of this studer injury for sure. Now he didn't do nonetheless last year wasn't good last year you know and even the year before he had seven sacks eleven cfl in twelve quarterback kids if you look at what alex oak afforded the year before he had five sacks he had Believe it's fifteen now five. Excuse me five. Cfl's in nine quarterback hits. The numbers are are somewhat similar between the two over. The last couple of years in kuffour is gonna come in as i would expect at a significantly lower number. I bet she's pretty close to the league minimum. I've got no issues with this man. I i really don't the other thing is because i don't know how much time we're going to see. Alex okeafor in their port of this was probably melvin. Ingram asking for more playing time. I don't think the chiefs could promise that fear looking at what they have right now on the outside. I think you're gonna see decent amount of chris jones on first and second down lining up at defensive end as we've talked about a lot frank clark i. I'm not there with you quite the same way. You are about him getting suspended this year. I think it's coming. I think this might play out kind of like the remember. The dwayne bowe situation where took a year for the court proceedings to take place before he was actually suspended officially by the league. I wouldn't be surprised to see something like that with frank clark this year as well so regardless frank clark in chris jones. I think you're going to be your early down. Defensive ends you're going to see a little bit of Mike dan out there on early downs as well taco charleston's going to be mixing in on third downs. I think i hope later on in the season. Joshua canedo is going to be mixing in on third downs as well that leaves a very limited role for alex. Soka for and. I think the same would probably have been true for melvin ingram and so i think this was as about melvin ingram deciding. He wanted more playing time. And that's what he was going to prioritize. It was anything else. i just. Don't think what what what are we doing. Though i mean i i i think the chiefs are in a situation where we all agree. They're super bowl or bus. That's where they are right like we're talking four million dollars. I don't know what the difference is going to be. We're talking four million dollars. The steelers got for him to me. I look at it. I i hear what you're saying. Last year melvin. Ingram due to injuries i believe played. Seventy eight games and it do much more to sex just as you stated..

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