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The new york times for the washington post washington time goal of a papers nazi the the journal other other journals nothing that's uh that's disappointing oh very yeah it's like why are we doing this no one i been doing this like you said for twenty years uh we we've published five papers this is our fifth paper and it's like we're just spinning are wheels i mean it's nice to come on here and talk to you and have a great time uh you know later on i'm sure we'll get some callers at one a talking about you us you will you know where are we going with this it's like nobody wants to touch this hot potato told me about the society for the planetary city research told me about the group uh bill and i are both members uh i've been a member uh oh god since i think uh probably eight years ago or whatever and uh it's uh a group of uh scientist that are interested in uh uh planetary research uh when our solar system um the members i'm sure some of the people in the audience know dr markor lotto remember uh dr stanley mcdaniel old uh dr brandenburg all the illuminaries of this research are all part of the society for planetary city research myself i'm just honored to be part of the group my background is in art and sculpture uh i don't have any science background that's why i have you know bill helping me with the paper because he's is a geo morphology just uh michael bales a geologist and uh but my background is an art and uh the society for plants every city research most of them are geologist and uh physicist and so um i'm kinda like uh the oddman out being a member i'm very honored to uh to be in that group and uh they've been around since 1991 i believe a well they've been really hard at work and uh last year when you off uh the the president the horse crater uh he passed away i attended his funeral uh it was very sad a he um died of cancer and so we just lost him uh uh last year wasn't carlo wasn't either one marks a car lost olds you one who said the there's an eyeball in the.

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