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And then I will give a tip of the cap to Michael McDowell Rotella car only because rotel is a very fine motor oil. Cheese? Nope. Nope, no, no. It looks like cheese. Sounds like cheese thinking Ricarda. Yeah, maybe maybe. Okay. Can we get hotted car? That will be awesome. You kidding me? Great. Cotta cheese. I'm also I do like the the liberty national thirty one car of the Ryan Newman car with a great the grain, the pink that terrible. It's okay. I like it. I think it look good in person. We absolutely see it on the track type of thing. But yeah, yeah, no, rotel. You said my motorbikes throw tell motorbikes motorbikes multiples and they'll have Rotella. This is this kind of money. He's making us the motorbikes, these synthetic I believe it's the t six's at what they call it t six and then I don't know this lingo. It's good stuff, good stuff. Man, I have a dodge. I got a dodge journey. Yeah, you do you push tell any retailer that does even have twenty five thousand miles on? Yeah, you could definitely put rotel in that will go longer kata in there. I would not try hat. Eat Ricarda told don't make a mess of interior. All right. Well, obviously, Stanford kill me even though he gave me the car exactly keeping keep a clean man. Keep it clean. Art crap. I guess we're here to pick this dire time. Yeah, yeah. But no. I mean, we've made it to the portion of the show where we pick things. Our noses up sometimes sometimes it all depends on whether it's it's year not exactly. Yes. So we gotta pick the race to the last week last week. You had j. j.. Yeah, that's more cout Johnston. He was thirty six. It's terrible. He I owned the why came into the race, just late enough to not see what happened to him, but he was already like sixteen laps down at that point. Yeah. And then you had who do you have had? I had Mr. Logano. Oh, yeah. Well, he did well, he finished like what? Ford third? Yeah. So you kicked my. Then there was no side that because we're taking our four that got knocked out her for. So now we go to go ahead and see what happens. Now, the Talladega Talladega wide open could be anybody when this race could like literally, we might even see met, defend, dente win, actually decent chance because know actually it's it's wide open to everyone except the bike racing car. David Starr has no chance everybody else's chance. That's I would also put premium motorsport in that. And star, Tom? Yeah, thirty cars have a chance to win. That's still a lot of cars. So crab, how how do you want to do this? Do you want to make? I, I, you go ahead and pick. I. Doodle doodle to pick to pick a playoff driver or do I not pick a playoff driver? That's big question. It is. It does bear noting that Penske racing has dominated here, believe they've won six of the last eight Talladega races. I think that Kazlauskas one three Lugano's one three. And then Ricky Stenhouse one one. And who's the other one in the last six years? Junior Dylan. Her junior back in two thousand fifteen. Might have been his last win. Okay. So who am I gonna pick pick home? I can pick on going to go with. Give me. Blaming. Pick. It's tough, not going with one of the Penske guys. Oh, actually is one of the Penske guys, so Yep. Yep, that's why I'm going with the blaming, but what what it was thinking, what is it is tough, not going with his last year llegado be I'll pick the other Penske harm Blaney. Gotcha. This week. I got you this week to do. Why do I pick a playoff driver? Do I pick a non-playoff driver? That is the question gentleman. Do I pick a playoff driver? Who's in the top two could play off driver who's in the bottom. See, Blake, these lot race for the eighth right now. He's on. He's gotta. Keep keep ahead times what we can you tell you the last guys? We're won the race this. Okay. So in the last six races we had Gano. 'cause Laskey Stenhouse junior Lugano his Laskey llegado Dale Earnhardt Jr. his Laskey in them before that was Hamlin, McMurray..

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