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But i mean this is a big mistake nomo but as a man broken rogatiza lives or what you do for in with school you went to we don't x all these questions dead a woman's gonna eggs and want to know because no one awami this geared in even raised as they look what uh what they're buoyed people went airborne whenever i wanna know what you know a my focuses at not necessarily look like say what you can do for me as long as you can take care of yourself is a is a a make put by right that's what i'm saying as long as you can take care of yourself i'm cool we can kick long as you're not looking at mean to take every night we're in a relationship like she said if something happens and i've been in that situation where had x who shot surgery all that can't take doomed atsic i did it and i don't have a problem with that but on a you a grown as nope not marrone chemin no i can't take your your nickel gives shot he loved unconditionally that's what you say yes well again would be rag using the riots a whole that man down the list listless parked at right queens park list parked at holding them down situation reich endless let's go to something it i know that we've had a conversation about me you have talked about and you said something to me once they're stuck with me of war in its duggleby to this day you said that um your mother and you're going to do you you are of the mentality of the thought process that you're going to do whatever it takes to make sure that you in your donna or straight regardless of whether or not there is a man or not you know helping or do anything in that now luckily luckily your daughter's father you know is is a good day he he takes his time he does this thing you know he goes i did does the softball day when and everything like he's a good day whenever take that away from it but i think he's is you told me that you have the thought process date regardless you go make sure that you and your baby straight.

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