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It's daybreak on Wish TV and 93 wi P. C. 5 39 and a snowy morning So far, our crews have been echoing the urgings of the National Weather Service. It is slippery, tough to see. Let's take our team coverage outside to Newsday's Camilla Fernandez in Johnson County. How is it there? The bear. Hey, guys. Good morning. Right now I'm standing your West County Line road in this you can see behind me. There is quite a bit of snow. Definitely. There's a number of drivers out and about I would definitely say that. Still not not pretty safe. I don't to be driving outside. I do not recommend it. It's very cold right now. As you can see, I'm even having a tough time speaking because of how cold it is. I'm wearing three pairs of pants for sweaters, Couple of socks and I am cold. And as you can see, I'm we're pretty much. My photographer and I were on a parking lot. You can see that. It's pretty tough to tell where you can park where you can park. You can see everything's pretty much covered in snow. I'm actually going to go ahead and pick up some of them Snow. You can see. It's like this powdery kind of snow. Very tough to make a snow by tried earlier today was not successful. But if you can stay home, I definitely recommend that stay nice, warm and cozy with your loved ones. Don't don't be like me right now. Outside in that called but before now reporting live in Greenwood, Camilla Fernandez on my Wish. TV wish tv dot com and follow us on Facebook. Thanks, Camilla. How back in the truck Warm up. We'll check with you often Throughout the course. The morning 5 41 family and friends are reluctant, reflecting rather On the murders of Abby Williams and Libby German yesterday marked four years since searchers found the bodies of the girls a day after they've gone out for a walk along the trail and Delphi. Since then, state police have released a picture an audio clip but updated sketch. But they've not arrested anyone. We spoke.

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