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Bad body just had to get it out right on. The main floor should've had no chance. There's this one waitress. When we very first one to austin. But i thought she was vibrant me at the bar. We always get kicked out of the The thirty two ounce beers and I went there for lunch with one of my buddies who moved a long long time ago. And i ag- astor out at the lunch. Because i thought i thought i had it. And she's like Sorry cava boyfriend and our friends wrote like Like fuck you comment on the on the receipt and i was like. Oh you can't leave that. So i'd like i'd like grab it or crumpled up into a ball and that thomas no t longtime ago screaming he got any fallen on your face. P cast more than i'd like to recount so tough tough all right all right. Well royce mills. Yes yes better for it for sure. i had one more picture here Because we found out this week that you could leave us a review. Not just on apple podcasts. But also you could leave us a review on audible so wax shutout wax. He he left. Does he found out how to leave us. Five star reviews on audible and he gave us a five five stars in all all three areas overall performance and story. Oh how many says since the free flowing relatively balanced and important stories and topics discussed in usually light-hearted manner a beer chugging nevada winger allowed hollywood. Nj live a dude with five cats and a part time photographer give you the facts with plenty of jokes to go along with it. Okay boys now. Time for the high high part of the review. Great job staying sober west. Keep it up Let's rock fat boy summer slash hot bro summer. Interesting hop bro some wax. What's mamas over. I'm not not not We'll we'll give great score. Updates ought to go back to congrats on the new daycare beef pool. Boy pat patrick patch. Should have to read some ronald reagan. One liners have a great fucking day from weks. Thanks wack lex. You gotta send it. You gotta send us aside your next whatever you do. Whenever you call a sport if you homerun got synonymous us all right. We have like twenty-five reviews. So good news. Is that speed round. We blew past four thousand reviews. Five four thousand. Five star reviews on apple podcasts Thank you for everybody all twenty. Plus you left him this week so a lot of people you'll see you'll notice the four thousand so you all did all of you. Who left one this week left the four thousand. Thank you very much when they showed up when they all thought they could be the special four thousandth yup pretty pretty much whenever something for them. Not just to help the show in the hive. While i'm still helping. I'm i love you know it would really help us. Patron dot com. Check out that for show out out. Check it out like mark said speed round. Here we go. I one from rhino. Three fifty says good pot. I've listened to this pod for the last couple of years and love it however don't read episode notes just like a floridian refusing to wear a mask. The spell checker is Taking a stand against doing what's right that the the the descriptions have usually three to five misspellings. Great joke really really sinked way to put it taking a stand against doing. What's right night right right. Well you know like we say eighty percent accuracy so that applies to spelling to eighty percent of the words are spelled correctly for sure. Eighty percent accurate one hundred percent of the time. Okay nikki five stars. This show slaps Gotta be the boy. Gotta get the boys to four k. You did it nikki. s This show is awesome. It's very informative. And larry's show slaps five out of five. Would listen again thank you. Thank you c. s. my bet Next one frothy rossi five stars the duke of froth approves. Hello harto have been listening to you. Boys three years and i'm finally getting around to this. Sorry for the delay. What chow proudly rocky ice. Here we go five stars from monkey monkey but powder yeah four. Thousand stars is the name of the review. Love cheating on the news at you guys. Great way to start the day. Keep it up boys. Thank you monkey but powder appreciate it atta boy. Nineteen sixty three. Five star says h a great show. Only the news the only news. The wife allows me to cheat with hell. Yeah yes atta boy. I play the sound bite. Sound but i've There's there's cheat on the news Yeah there it is there. It is all right Next one did we ask you to say. Try not to come. And that's just we're gonna get we're gonna say this game won't twenty seconds. Let's make sure you got everything in the can before right read last request. Yeah next one. That's one from star. Billy get your morning started. Found hard factor from seeing pat on barstool. Content was immediately disgusted that i saw. He knocked up kate who is hilarious. Now i think pat is handsome. And i'm glad. I found hard factor will mark west and pat have become a keystone of my mornings. I i watch on youtube every morning before work. Drink coffee and cry. Over crypto here star billie but it's coming back Lovely boys keep it up. Bonus dog onus dog tail. Yeah star billy manor house awesome next one electric factory josh. five stars. four thousand view josh. The first word in hard hitting big j journalism show has everything you could want wish or desire in a news outlet although pat is a wild communist. I seem to like his takes the best. But i do truly love the rest of the guys. Mark will in west. I am an accountant. So i have plenty of time in the cube to rip through different pods and.

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