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Going end festival today we're going to be talking about feminism killing female pop artists before we take your calls eight three three it's milo first cool will be on the air shortly and by the way you can ask anything you like if you just want to phone up to to give me some abuse you're welcome to do so flattery always welcome substantial questions about things you've seen in news or about important societal cultural historical philosophical or aesthetic issues also welcomed and if you just want to talk about healthcare routine what we can do that left in him all right first of all interesting i at so i hit his will start with this i wrote a column for dangerous dot com which is on new home for all things milo and will things but it's not just my home in fact either right for it almost anything like as often as i should do in fact very rarely in the editor chadwick is very upset with me constantly i'm going to start trying to do that more regularly but i did right one thing that was good was my end of year round up and i said that taylor swift who's been cold nazi bobby by camille polio the most apolitical that is to say non political stall of 2017 had a great year got the press were angry because she had such a great year it occurs to me that this any really one group of people to ever really suffers from uh the the feminism with which culture is awash in that's women and i said quite some time ago that people are going to get very cheesedoff with this constant battery all of feminism and and posturing firm popstars we just wanted to johnson sing i see we don't lecture to them well katy perry being the best example well he's the evidence sociaty press says a new survey of pop charts over the past six years finds that we had now have a 2017 a 6 year low for female artists in terms of representation and also in terms of awards remarkable a 6 year low despite the fact that feminism is never been more prevalent isn't it they have a stranglehold a grip on culture wife theory about this i think i know what's happening i think people are sick of being lecture to about conspiracy theories by rich.

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