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Pentacle and it's it's truly It means you know. Thankfully Steve. She's actually still with us at the age of ninety four. She's not with us in the same way that she might have been But she's still with us and that that really contributed to the the experience for us to be able to say to her specifically While she's with us that You have reached the pinnacle And and and again as you said she she is deserving and it's a great honor Mill Ridge and all all of the the bloodstock work that you know that your generation has crafted It it I mean. It's generations at this point. Of course for her to for her to elevate the operation starting in nineteen sixty two when when her dad and a legend of of this of the sport how. Pricey Italy left her the farm two hundred eighty acres and four broodmares and what she accomplished From that point is just remarkable. Well again thank you and she would be the first to tell you that it. It took a team And truly it is a team and to this day at the team And as you know well you're only as good as your team. But but her her husband of now forty nine years whom you mentioned earlier. Dr John Chandler Was such an integral part of it in the beginning. Steve Because As as a mom bread survivor that won the nineteen sixty eight Kentucky Derby and really kind of kicked off the American bred recognition in Europe of breed to consider And Dr Chandler had Been practicing in new mark so he'd grown a number of European relations so this was So then he came over here and was practicing with Haggard Davidson McGee. My mother and father divorced When when in nineteen sixty five so Ninety that they met each other along the way because mom was always on the farm always working it. She she that she. That's what she did she was she was in the trenches and so they they grew relationship and married a nineteen seventy-one and so with drive or being a European recognition the Europeans. Then all of a sudden start. I'm over in By the American bred horses and and he was instrumental in In those relationship nurturing Along the way so he was just the start of it and then many many more in that now nearly sixty years with mill ridge what elements of the success. We're things that that she more or less had advanced from you know from her father and then folding in the advice I mean nobody very few people anyway in in this game even historically Do it completely on their own as as you as you reference But certainly certainly the expertise of a of a HAL Price Headley. has to contribute to being a success with the instincts. If nothing else absolutely She will tell you Her father was was not only her inspiration but her her deepest love and she was a shadow with him And as you as you noted in the beginning he he was a mover and Shaker He was a very unique man And is recognized for being such an integral part of Kane line and and just that alone demonstrated truly his ethics which is keen on was built for the people And share the horse with the people and the community and so an example like that was such that not only on her horsemanship in raising the horse and associated with horse but the contribution to make the industry.

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