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Ninety. He ran nine and qualified for the Boston marathon for the first time. Now before we get to what happened next in Rick story, I wanna pause for a second to talk about the stigma associated with HIV and aids back in the nineties in nineteen Ninety-four. Sean Stroup started a magazine called paws as in positive. It was about people affected by HIV and aids. We would put people on the cover the magazine, we'd make them look glamorous, we'd have, you know, Vashem photographers and makeup artists, and and we were criticized for that. Glamorizing aids Stroup says his sister who was the magazine, sales person face challenges, landing ads because you got an appointment with the big major brand, but even been company. And you know, we had all the data on people they have were consuming enormous about vitamins. They told her we market our vitamins to well, people not too sick. People when people with HIV aids were being talked about in the mainstream. They were usually being completely pathologist that was the climate when Rick Muneo Scott, a call. In nineteen Ninety-four from someone at widening Kennedy, Nike's Addy gency. They said they want to do in ad about a marathon runner with HIV. And I said, you're kidding. And he says, no, no, we're serious. And I said, but you're kidding is a no, we're not. It was. Yeah, it's going to be a national commercial. And we were wondering if you'd be interested in doing it. And I said, I said, does Nike knows this? And then he said, yes, they're the ones who told us to do. I said, okay, if you think it's a good idea count me in. There were people who said to me, you're really putting yourself out there. What about your job? What about future jobs? The whole world is going to know that you're HIV positive. You could get discriminated for your housing for this and that is that I'm willing to take the risk three weeks later as he ran through Malibu canyon state park in front of a camera crew Rix biggest concern was whether he looked like a dork after filming, Rick, still worried that Nike would ultimately decide to pull the ad but on February ninth nineteen ninety-five as he.

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