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Just are a to now we we no matter who the artist was and there were a lot of artists that you know hadn't even made it yet but you know if we liked the song and you know they were willing to pay pay the money you know we were. We would do it and we would give our best. And the the the thing that a lot of people don't know is that for the another reason why so many people liked us is because we created a lotta those backgrounds They knew that if they gave us the song we will create the background parts. Yes i mean arrangement some some on some for a lot. Now some did come with you know specific backgrounds but my reputation became such that. They'd be like okay. Well the hey. Here's the song. What are you guys. Think drop shirley not Norman connors Lou rawls Well then that we they let us do just you know. Control the background god. It's so many people just songs with artists. That will i you no matter what song i'm doing. Let the jones coming here and and do and do. I think now brinda was alive. 'cause memory is so much better than my she she. She can remember every single artist background on everything. Yeah but but me. It gets a little fuzzy sometimes because when people post stuff now and i'll be like oh yeah. I remember that we did do that. Song you know so With with signing two Philly international. I'll say that Probably in my opinion because you know we my dad purchased all the records played at the house all the time. I will say that you guys were probably given a more contemporary up-to-date town than and a lot of the acts that weren't philly international beckmann like it was almost a thing where you instantly within the first two seconds that you were listening to affiliated national song fit based on like the trademark of the strings in all the mixing of the record or whatever. But like you're gonna make me love. Somebody else sounded nothing. Like what philadelphia. Especially what was happening in. Nineteen seventy nine anything really. I like a woman telling you. Better get your shit. Together right exotic. Yeah so I mean i. I would assume met still the same group of people like it's still dexter wants l. and gamble and huff in all those. I know mckinley jackson also worked on the record as well but like what was the discussion. Basically on how to present you guys in your sound data one of the things that i think gamble and huff they were purposely trying to take us away just a little bit for from the strings and horns like say like of what they did with three degrees and wanted. They wanted us to be more funky more soulful more earn. Be and if you noticed deaf. Very first jones girls album. That's exactly. I mean i'm at your mercy's on there which is a heart wrenching mallet. Then of course there's you gonna make me love somebody else today. There's yeah exactly so run to. Who can i run to yup..

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