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And welcome to Pope bear episode 87. 87 car. Yeah, there's no 87. There's no deadline episode. The deadline episode. That's what it is. 87. The number of the trade deadline is 87. If I call one 887, I guess. I'm Miranda. That is Connor Ryan, Connor. What is that? Evan, doing well. How you doing? Doing great. Doing great. Getting down right down to the trade deadline. We were only a few days away. Now, I said on bruins beat, it wasn't heating up, and at the time it wasn't. But now it's starting to really kick into gear. With everything coming out, Italy Friedman has 32 thoughts, Wednesday night, and it was just full of trade rumors, and lots of different stuff with the bruins, but we will start. With Wednesday night's game, which is on TNT and the bruins lost to the wild three to two..

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