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A family am who is heartbroken The the mother is leaving behind Little Boy's father And best friends and you know if you had the opportunity to sit across from them. What what words of comfort would you provide to them? Well first of all I tell them I'm so sorry for their loss because it is not an easy and I'm not these answers that I'm going to say next. Do not take away the pain but they give you comfort in the middle of the pain because you got to walk through the pain. You got to walk through the heartbreak you gotta let yourself feel the feelings. I Journal the lot. I went to counseling. You can't go anyway but through it but as you're walking through it there is a god that wants to walk through it with you and I would say to them he can take these broken pieces of your life. These your broken heart at. He could turn it into something beautiful when you place it back into his hands and it's not an easy thing to do but he is faithful and I fully I. It's not an easy walk by God can get you through it but it is hard and I would just give him a big hug and tell them that. I'm sorry there in the middle of the storm but God is faithful. That would be my words of encouragement. Even though it's hard he will get you through it and And then you and then I would say this to them. I'd say then some day you're going to help someone else. Walk through their store and I think that's the most beautiful part of it is when we could take our broken story and use it to help someone else. That's when it comes full circle that's Swin. There's a purpose to your pain right. You walk through it and you're like why. God why did I have to lose? This loved minor. Why did I walk through this divorce? Or why did the my lose my baby or whatever your why is but then you walk through the storm and you got helps you through it and then years later or maybe the next year you meet someone and they're walking through that same storm and you can offer encouragement hoping it doesn't take the pain away if what you walk through but it gives it purpose does not make sense. Absolutely God doesn't waste anything in our story. I cried out to him one time because like you. I've got many difficult painful things in my life and I said why God why. And he said. Because you can minister to this person and you can minister to that person and you can minister to this person and We are able to provide that comfort that we've received because God is with us in the middle of the struggle and he doesn't waste any of that pain So that is beautiful and thank you so much for sharing those comforting words. Yeah thank you for letting me share. I would say one more thing about the divorce There's a lot of shame that comes with divorce. So someone's listening right now and they're feeling that I want to say that I felt that too but God can still use it even when you're broken and you feel like you're broken disqualifies you that's very ingredient guy could use to help another hurting heart when you give it back to him and yes. It's maybe not the plan that he had but the he's GonNa take that and use it for good so I would say that to someone right now. Well and I think that we have an enemy of our soul. That would like us to think that were disqualified. He would like to. I mean he is our accuser right. Satan is He's our accuser. So he he will try to lie to. Us and tell us that we're disqualified or try to shame us but thank you so much for sharing that because that is critical we have to keep our eyes focused on Jesus and what is true. everything's are lovely whatsoever. Things are true whatsoever. Things are of good report. Think on these things. That's what Jesus wants us to think on. And you're right were all broken vessels No one was perfect except for Jesus but he's also he's our great high priest and he's our mediator so we can take it all to him he understands are suffering because God in human form came to this earth and walked this earth and knows are he knows our frailty. He took upon himself before he died upon the cross so he can understand our our our shame and our pain and he wants to take it all and he wants to make us new creations So I think that's the thing is whatever difficulty or shameful thing that we've been through do not allow the enemy to speak to you. Take it to the word of God. And let and let the word of God speak to you. Yeah such good truth and he is good. He's got tactics. He tries to get in there and make you feel like you're not used you're not able to be used by God. I really felt like that and I remember going to conference a woman of Faith Conference and Lisa Veer was speak gain and she had just written her girls with sorts so as very much about spiritual life and she said that she was One night watching a movie with her son the Terminator. And if you don't remember the story line this woman it these the people from the future coming back and trying to kill her and then there's someone from the future comes back to protect her and so the person says she says why are they trying to kill me. And she said he says. Because you're what you're GonNa do this great thing and she says what? I don't even know that in the point. Lisa said sometimes saint knows you're going to be in Christ before we do and so sometimes spiritual warfare has nothing to do with who you are right now but has everything to do with who you're GONNA be. And when she said to me I remember just having this moment like saying you almost had me. I thought I was not able to be used but even though I walk through this really hard thing in my life that I did not want and this is not what I wanted for my family but this was my reality. You are going to use it and I remember putting this up on my wall that says be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each Morton Satan says. Oh crap she's up. That's so funny that you said that because I over the holidays. The terminator movie was on and I literally just watched that scene and I thought wow that is so good. And that's so true. is the phrase that I use that Take your story and give God glory and so we can take all the broken pieces and And we can give him glory through it all through the good through the bad through all of the things so Jodi thank you so much for being a guest on by His grace today. tell listeners where they can find more.

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