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One was to believe three but no one can pay the real one wants to be when nobody is in milan in the end of the story again the governor sit alone never him then it was still a long time but there is not as long as head of the blood too everybody wants to fill the void yet mourned oh that's the river again that's the result little up four o'clock date with yourself that's right four am the answer so the that's roy that's a song roy rogers comes comes on with that's his first son he ever wrote are our leonard sly actually as the guy's name see i thought roy rogers dale evans actually played i mean were because on the way showed why in the movies it said rory rogers by day up by roy rogers who roy rogers name was leonard sly and dale evans thing was france's fox had no idea and and she wrote she was a great summer she wrote happy trails ensure jesus loves me really yeah while they're they're really extraordinary pupil were wild people completely you know the every television shows exactly the say yes perils of policing yeah roy road in wherever they for up where we see from roy rogers he was room dunk run ohio and they say that the second base riverfront stadium whereas was whereas home was in that every time pete rose slid into second abassi said roy rogers well that's great but he and his family lost the form the depression he moved bakersfield leaves picking oranges for del monte got a job as into this advocate in show business he you know he started he was being an extra in western because he was good rider and his band east in bakersfield in some ways he started the bakersfield sound because his band was became known as the sense of the pioneers new really riders and and they were doing now.

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