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Garrett Lewis with you Can s t a M 7 90, Tucson's most stimulating talk. Are you with me yet? Are you feeling pretty good? Again. The big news this morning 63 ruling from the Supreme Court. Two Big Arizona voting provisions. Go in our favor for the good guys. There is a ban on ballot harvesting. They've upheld it. We banned it and the Supreme Court said Yep. You're good. And there's a policy that throws out an entire ballot if it was cast in the wrong precinct. Democrats wanted to use this to cheat. They wanted to actually harvest ballots, which is collecting them and then going to drop them off, said that's illegal now. And then Democrats. I mean, why wouldn't they want to just take votes and then put them in wrong precinct, so they're counted. That's another way to cheat. Supreme Court said no, of course, the the Democrats challenge that these provisions banning ballot harvesting and throwing out a ballot if it's cast in the wrong precinct that discriminates against minority voters. Apparently, they think minority voters are too dumb to know where to vote. Which is so it's by the way. How is that? Not racist and insulting? Why isn't Grijalva screaming about this? So he will be? No, you won't. Well, not on the side that we're talking about. You won't be able to hear it because you'll be inside a bar, but he'll be screaming about it. Will be screaming about this. And when he falls off the stool, So you have that but again to me, I'm like, how how racist and discussed like, if you're a minority. If you're a person of color, the demo the Democrats think, Yeah, I mean you They think you're too stupid to know where to go vote and you're too stupid. Somebody's got to come to your door and collect your ballot and then take and put it in for you. Ballot harvesting that is disgraceful and insulting and to me racist. Only minority voters, white people, They don't have any problems with that. Just the minorities more coming up. Don't go anywhere. It's knsd. The U. S. Supreme Court has upheld to Arizona voting laws, the challengers claim made it harder for minorities to vote. 63 ruling, announced this morning finds the state did not violate the Voting Rights Act, passing a law against so called ballot harvesting. Also upheld was a law calling for election officials to toss ballots not cast in the appropriate precinct. The sons are headed to the NBA Finals after taking down the Clippers, 1 30 to 1 Oh three last night in Game six of the Western Conference finals. This will be the Sun's first trip to the final since 1993. I'm Don Nici Kunst am 7 90 Tucson's most stimulating talk pretzels. Look what chips? Look Who's the new guy? Santa? I think he's looking at me. Pretzels. You got it twisted. He's looking at me. Stop being salty chips. We both got a chance He's coming over. Ladies. Hi and hello to you back at your handsome Fanta picked beef jerky girl. We're going to be here awhile. Fanta, the perfect partner for snacking, and it's available at Walmart. Fanta. It's.

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