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I think that in time we will be able to tell the story behind that. But I think that if Israel done that the reason to hide the real story was not because of the Palestinians, but this, but because this would be a striking violation to a very clear promise by is rarely prime minister to an American president. You also talk about only have a minute left, but how George W Bush adopted Israeli tactics. And then you say that President Obama would launch several hundred targeted assassinations. Up to September eleventh, Prime Minister, Sharon older, all Israeli intelligence to open the door to perform what was later called as a striptease in front of American intelligence and show them everything they have on intelligence collection in targeted killing because he thought this would be the right way. The right move from the American forces and intelligence community to go for the war, the global war on terror much that was done by the United States in the years after is based on Israel, experience, knowhow, and technology. I am saying that the US while adopting these tactics also needs to see the more or less than the moral price that Israel has paid. You know, when you kill someone even if someone is Satan himself, I believe that someone something is dying in you. And when you have thousands of people because of technology. Because of God because of cyber actually thousands of people in Israel have participated directly or under indirectly in targeted killing operations. This is a problem and the most important, I think is that some of Israeli leaders drew the wrong conclusions from the really remarkable successes of their intelligence services, and they thought that they can use these exotic capabilities to go for pinpoint operation way. Beyond enemy lies to kill people in order to solve every problem. Not just tactical threats to your citizens, but also political problems also historical problems to hold history by stale. And therefore, I think that the the story of the book the story of rice and kill first of the eight years of research. And he just said one thousand interviews if there's a lesson is that these operations have technical meanings. They save lives. They are effective. But this is a story of a technical success, but also a very very dangerous strategic political failure. Because once you think that that using force can solve everything and you don't need to turn into statement sheep into diplomacy into a real discourse. Would your adversary? You talk about killing the devil himself. What about when you're killing innocent civilians? Of course, the moral price paid. But the price paid for killing civilians for collateral deputies horrendous. But when you come to these operatives in speak with them, and they tell you look we were facing situations and the book consists of many of these really dramatic moments when you know, you have a window of opportunity to kill a HAMAs Jihadist organization the tourists when station who have already sent suicide bombers that already killed hundreds of Jews in Israeli, and you have a very short window paternity to kill him before he send more suicide bombers. And he's walking all the amongst civilians. He's walking into populated areas is working with his wife. Then the operatives when I asked them, why did you permit collateral damage? They asked me back. So what would you do? If you do not kill him. You know that many of your own people will be killed tomorrow. What do you do? What we see now and very care, and we have to go what we say. Now. Ronan is how many hundreds of Palestinians have been killed defense. People in protest, and in the end, the only prime minister, the Israeli Prime Minister who was assassinated was assassinated by right wing, Israeli fanatic. I agree. The fact that he was not stopped was because nobody thought that anyone could do that. No israeli. Well, and we wanna thank you so much for being with us Ronen Bergman Israeli investigative reporter has new book rise and kill. I the secret history of Israel's targeted assassinations. Ronen? Bergman is a staff writer for the New York Times magazine and senior national security correspondent for yet. He oath I dunno his piece in the New York Times will link to Saudis close to crown prince discussed killing other enemies a year before kashogi, she's death. This is democracy. Now back in thirty seconds on the costs of war. The so-called war on terror has cost the United States close to six trillion dollars and half the newly and deaths in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, stay with us..

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