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By rocket mortgage. I'm Deborah Rodriguez, a bombshell in Alex Jones sandy hook elementary conspiracy trial. He's being sued by the mother and father of a 6 year old killed in his first grade classroom. On Wednesday, the family's lawyer revealed Jones attorneys accidentally sent him two years worth of text messages, which he says proves Jones lied to the court. She does any discovery. You were asked, do you have sandy hook text messages on your thumb? And you said no. I would like to say that I was mistaken because you got the messages right there. Jones claims the false information he spread was unintentional. His company's filed for bankruptcy. And he claims he'll have to shut down if the jury awards more than $2 million in damages. Michael George CBS News. Deliberations are underway closing arguments are getting underway in Brittany grinder's drug possession trial in Russia. She could face up to ten years if she's convicted. Northern California's largest wildfire of the year is now 10% contained thanks to rain, near the Oregon border. CBS is Steve futterman with an update on the McKinney fire. The fire has now burned more than 57,000 acres. There are now four confirmed deaths linked to it. Fire officials continue to battle the blaze on the ground and from the air. The entire eastern half of this country is facing extreme heat today. Coupled with thick humidity and more rain, it's complicating search and rescue efforts in eastern Kentucky after last week's catastrophic flooding that's killed at least 37 people. Flags fly at half staff at The White House in honor of Indiana congresswoman Jackie balochi. She and two staffers were killed in a head on collision back home in Elkhart county. Indiana senator Mike Braun calls her one of the first great hoosiers. I got to know on my own journey. She will be missed in our condolences to all of the families. Researchers in Connecticut have restored life an hour after death. Yale University scientists have managed to restore faint heartbeat blood circulation and some limited organ function in pigs that had been dead for hours. They did it by pumping a cocktail of synthetic fluids through the pig's bodies, The Washington Post notes, the breakthrough could transform the transplant industry and may also someday lead to some humans being brought back from the dead. Figgy Barker CBS News. And admission from an NFL star Aaron Rodgers tells the Aubrey Marcus podcast, the psychedelic drug hiawatha, led to the best season of his career. Allowed for so many of us to have deep and meaningful journeys. And for me, night two

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