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Through the hour glass this is the james call me of our lives soap opera roles on this tuning him this dearborn terrorism story i want to get into the details at the very last minute of last hour when we were on news max tv i just want to state the flag in the ground on this but i wanna give more detail here last thursday night the fbi swat team had a raid in the dearborn michigan area and may say that it was national security related but the original story was that it's not about terror resume my way to say dearborn michigan area largest muslim population in the united states a large fbi swat operation and a take down regarding national security but not terrorism um i can't addi here i called on this on friday show and i said hey i keep your eyes on this and no one else's doing the story well doubled you x wise zee tv that's not made up that's real w wide says the tv in detroit is the abc's stations channel seven w exwife is he detroit and they have a story little before two o'clock today about one fifty headline dearborn man trained as bombmaker for hezbollah arrested on terrorism charges a dearborn man was one of two people arrested for terrorism activities on behalf of hezbollah's islamic jihad organization according to the department of justice today some air l they're back thirty seven was arrested on thursday june first in livonia michigan right there in the area.

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