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It's like a monster being torn apart. It's yeah. It's a cartoon. Yeah. I never thought of it is gross. I never never bothered me. No, absolutely. The same thing here. It's not like seeing human beings get, you know, torture. You know, slashed or gags meeting, especially beaten, it's just like very visceral in like, I take that on as something that could happen to me, maybe, but I'm the same way. This never bothered me at all. Because I would read those magazines, and I would see the like van Goria when they would do those articles on STAN Winston and kind of how it's all done. It never upset me. Yeah. Yeah. Never bothered me. And there's some fairy intense. Stuff happens in this movie. And Karen, she can't watch it. Yeah. She's like is this a part in that she ran out of room. Interesting. What's the what's your best? What's your big moment, monster effects wise, the the whole scene with the the north character Norris character on the table and there? Yeah. Scar bites arms off and then his head like rips off is tour becomes a bear trap. Basically. It's a moment of the movie like in in a movie with a bunch of great gory moments. That's the one that's the one that's always stood out at bites the guy's arms off, and they had a guy that was a w amputate and they had fake arms on the fake arms off seven. He pulled back a guy that actually didn't have arms, and it was just like the weird stumps. And then when his head comes off the table, and it's all the stretchy. Yeah. Tentacles in spider lakes, come out of dude. Just doesn't stop it. Just keeps going. Yeah. Yeah. It it. It really it's he's one up himself constantly in this movie carpenter is or and the the who's guy button. I think teen team. Yeah. Rob voting legend who was only like twenty one or twenty two at the time doing this. I know he was a kid can't end retired like to early like, he's still young. He could be working. I looked up. I mean, he's got a just legendary resume and he's been like well respected in the in the creature community. So I think he did howling right before this. Yeah. Another one of my favorite movies. Uh-huh. Yeah. Fucking unbelievable. I'll another thing that really struck me watching this time was his use of the flares and using flares as practical lighting. Oh, yeah. Which is like a such a cool contrast between all the blue and coldness of everything and then like that bright pink. Yeah. I love it. It's so cool because it creates a bit of a lens flare at the same time. But and yeah, I guess against all that icy sort of white and blue everywhere. The contrast is really really cool. Yeah. Because John carpenter wanted everything to be very muted. And kind of kind of bland looking inside the building and everything outside has either just white or blue and then just to have that hot pink. Yeah. Light of the flares as always. Like kind of shocking thing to see kind of comes out of nowhere because there's no other lights like that in the whole movie, and then sudden pink. Yeah. And he doesn't a lot to using a lot towards the end. Uh-huh..

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