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March sisters coming of age in life in love in colonial America don't sit there and tell me that marriage is an economic proposition because it is may not be for you but it most certainly is for me it features Sir Sharon in and Meryl Streep twentieth century fox brings us the animated spies in describes featuring the voices of Will Smith Tom Holland and Reba McIntire universal's nineteen seventeen is the story of two British soldiers in World War one who must warn their comrades ahead of an ambush if you don't it will be a massacre we will lose two battalions sixteen hundred bend your brother among them all three open today good all Scott fox news and there will also be a full day of NBA basketball fox's Jared Max has our preview the NBA and Christmas day go together like Santa and his sleigh five games on the schedule today with potential playoff match ups in Toronto Philadelphia and LA the NBA's quintuple header tips off twelve noon eastern in Toronto we're the defending champion raptors host the Celtics two thirty eastern the seventy Sixers will be at home to play the best team in the NBA so far this season the Milwaukee Bucks or twenty seven four then the rockets visit the warriors eight eastern five Pacific the battle for LA between the clippers and Lakers who had the best record in the west and are expected to have both lebron James and Anthony Davis and the line up final game tonight not just against the pelicans Jared backs fox news well it may be Christmas but it is also an important American anniversary on this day in seventeen seventy six general George Washington led fifty four hundred of his.

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