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Them down long we just weren't able to get it done but it wasn't because of of the efforts or or anything like that that our guys gave because we get everything that we had and we will continue to work this seems done that from the first game of the year until now and I don't anticipate anticipated changing at all the Panthers are among those opening training camp in first round pick Bryan burns assigned number checker Colorado springs this is Dan Patrick catch me in the Dennis weekday morning seventy ten on extra scored thirteen hundred she you look at Baker may feel to be like yeah he's right about that with all the back of the hell you're talking about Baker Baker hi I think I mean I leave the store slightly ajar for legend but in my heart I actually think it's over right now for Tiger Woods I think it's over no I never said that you really dive into every single transcribed I don't know how to do eligible whose stores I mean come on yeah I mean there's just so many ways that this is ugly for college football in the way that you fix it and this is what makes a man said you make the one year transfer me sit out he make that mandatory sold was fired up baseball ways in and baseball suspended Aron bone to spend you know why intelligence for bullying that is prophetic there talkin can you hear me welcome to this week.

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