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And then you also get to become part of the money talks community which is where i do a lot of my teaching through facebook live and i go you know we do meet up we're going to knoxville this weekend like thirty about they're all the nashville for money talks meet up and so yeah it's all this you can download it right the second in fact we put together a code for you guys for your follower you're listening dollars off yes of course ten dollars off to use the code i'm almost they miss so and enter that when you check out yeah how'd you sign up where did they go my website michelle money dot com okay michelle many dot com use the code almost namus for ten dollars off yes i love it you guys are both into to make up and i mean it's fun industry what what do you guys like right now i always like to know what foundation people are do you know what's so funny i have been using maybelline for years new have been using for years yeah so okay so you're still using it yeah i like maybelline dream smooth mousse which they discontinued and i have been getting online on amazon and ebay for awhile but then i also love their new twenty four hour stay long wear it is up it's debatably better than the dream smooth moose and yet only like six months ago so i've been using it for the past six months but i love to use becca z skin perfecting low i haven't done a lotion but it's like a cream base thing and it's brasi so it's perfect for the summer i put that on i it really does smooth out like any redness and then i cover it a little bit with foundation because i don't need as much i love it what are you picking up actually use lower mercier mean i use the guest primer and all of that tinted moisturizers great to this couldn't be more fascinating can we talk.

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