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Maybe. This is the third reality. Where Betty disappeared and began. Does she. Maybe Betty becomes the bomb. I don't know that's that's the that's the thing about. This is the key. Yeah, and not literally that is the key to this whole story the box. Yeah, is it? Is it Dan? Is Betty the bum? What you don't know? There's so many different elements you see like maybe like red herrings. Possibly? The first time I saw this movie I saw that bump handling. That box I just thought to myself. I have such sights to show you. What the Hell is going on. With this box and get no, that's that's a rule. Apparently, the bum is a center bite, but the bone I think is a Senate bite. I and I think the bum is a prototype for a woodsmen from the return from twin peaks their return, just with the Y-, just the dirty. Filthy face yeah, all of it is is like that so I just this. That's a great great observation. Because Yeah I. Mean I can totally see Lynch being fired or just. Saying. That's the kind of character. I want yeah right, but just let this be a lesson to you kids if we learned anything from the movies yeah. Mysterious boxes don't touch them yeah. Don't touch him well. There's two things we learn. Don't go behind back in behind a restaurant in the alleyway behind the restaurant. You know what's what's behind the dumpster behind diner, the grease trap. Yeah, okay, it stinks back there. You don't want to go well especially as I grew up in a restaurant. Okay, a family restaurant. But. especially if you're having a dream. that. There's something horrible back there. There's GONNA BE! There's GonNa be so. The grease dumpster. It's GonNa. Be raccoons something bad? Don't go exactly so you know like if you have a dream about it in your frayed about it. Don't go looking for it. Just leave it alone. You know move on with. A mysterious box. That's not yours. Yeah, don't touch. It is going to change your if you're gonNA. Change a reality for the worst or at the Senate bite right. Okay, and nobody wants that. Yeah, no, it's not a good look. No so. So, yeah, you either end up as Diane Selwyn or your. Bone behind the dumpster or Or something or your Doug Bradley! Doug Bradley exactly. With puzzle boxes, yeah, exactly. Yeah, no stay the hell away. But. It's got pins on your head. Go Fix. Or Your Catherine Martell and your brother is Danaher real he. Tried to figure out if it's your birthday or ECK, hearts, birthday, or whatever and you and you know what it is. It's a key to a bomb all right. Stay away from mystery boxes pretty much. Yeah, yeah, gives you nothing but trouble so nope. Important safety tip thinks in. Art That's bad. We should try from. Talk a little bit about Joe the Hitman. Because Joe, the Hitman has a very funny sequence in the.

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