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I'd like to get the answer to so we can make the no real five. No, we're not doing that. But what I would like to do because I said, so I'll. I'm I'm a loser. So is that how do I get to do what I want when I lose. Of course, really? I've been doing it wrong. Then you clearly have can I get four and five please for funsies. But what I do want to do is just say this stinks. These are live and I am being attacked because I am gay. I have decided to make a better life for myself. And I should not have my pass thrown in my face. I have really. Not happy Bradley feels personally victimized by this Robak live today. I would like to try number four please you would like to try number. Didn't even want to take the win yet until he swept the categories. Thank you. Okay. Here IS NUMBER four. Colleen that survivor. Okay. Number five would be lovely. I will take number five. Now, you will take number five. All right. Here's number five. That is the osbournes. And that is what we call a clean sweep fair. Don't you like not wanna a fair fight ever? What exactly she's not interested in a fair fight? She would just like to win based on my tragedies. Okay. Okay. Sarah, Holly, let's announced that wind, please. I'm really, and you can cut his Mike..

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