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I I have a whole routine because I've been working from home for a really long time and like I have a whole routine of things that I need to do to make sure that I stay productive in this environment where I am by myself and yesterday when we were testing are all remote setup number one. We were all at home all You know isolating ourselves and practicing our social distance thing. It was also my first day back in the office from a vacation which was an adventure and I was like. I'm not even disguising the fact that I have obvious. Bedhead in this video is this is how it is today. Well for what it's worth. I'm sitting here in pork pajamas. Everybody's casual sometimes These are strange times. We live in and we kind of Ended up doing shows this week. That kind of fit in. With the strange times we're living in I specifically chose mine because of it as I mentioned at the top of that show just about Max von Penton Cofer and his work As an anti contagious thinking that people could not just transmit disease from one another or through like a water source or whatnot. He thought a whole lot of other stuff had to happen. That is a fascinating in strange and sort of marvelous story because he still led to a lot of Really important developments in public health and hygiene really got Tracy Was that he drank bullion that he had mixed color into the micro that causes cholera. I should say Which is funny because for some reason that didn't gross me out so much bigger out a lot. I think it's really foolish and one of the things that I wanted to mention in this in this chat that I didn't talk about in the episode because it's largely hearsay in supposition is that there are people biographers or even scientists that have studied his work. That actually think that was something of a death. Wish situation Because he had lost his way just a couple of years before that he was kind of falling into a dark place in terms of his psyche. that he kind of expected that he might die because at that point remember Hoke had kind of proven the connection between this microbe and colour so It is and ultimately because he did take his own life like he clearly was in a space where those kinds of thoughts were happening. But I just don't we don't know for sure yeah it. It's such a risky behavior. I think the reason that it cursed me out as much as it did Was that he is not the only person to have done a similar kind of experiment. Like one of the ways that people tried to connect H Pylori with having ulcers was consuming it and some of those self experiments have been way grocer. And it's like my head just sort of became this tangle of experiments while I was eating and I was like this is not pleasant. Yeah your brain went down the chain of it real did Yeah but then of course we also so much to him in terms of just like how cities are built particularly European cities. A lot of them that that had significant overhauls in infrastructure or like the development of a really serious infrastructure in reaction to cholera outbreak A lot of the work that they did was based on recommendations that he made about how to build a cleaner more sanitary city which is pretty fantastic interesting. And it's so weird because I guess it's not really where he was on the wrong track in some ways but at the same time a lot of the things that he was saying had to be present in order for the disease to be transmitted like those are still things that are really important to have. It's still really important to have clean water and good sanitation and like all of that so even though those were not required factors for a person to be sick. They're still really important. Yeah yeah he was not like because if your water is dirty it could be carrying microbes. He was just like Oh. If you're healthy you're never going to get them anyway And if your city is healthy it's never going to promote the fermentation of of these diseases. So I will say this in talking and we'll transition to your episode That you researched this week with it when you read the listener mail about the urine tasting. I think I would rather drink cola. But that's just me everybody's got their own weights and measures on these matters. Yeah Yeah so So the episode on the development of the poison control system in the. Us is not something that was planned in any kind of conjunction with the currents public health and pandemics situation that we are in It was completely finished and emailed to holly before I went on vacation. At which point the situation here in the US was dramatically different So it was just a total coincidence number one that we wound up with kind of a public health medical history week. And the number to you that it is coming out in at this point when it is I didn't realize until getting into the research that they're being a one centralized number for people to call is a pretty new thing young as I was born in nineteen seventy five and I know for certain that my mother had to call poison control on me at least twice and In my head that was the same number that anyone could call I think because like I think the way I got this in my head was that we lived as I've said before in a pretty rural area. We were not served by nine one one so when you saw these like public service announcements about calling nine one one emergency there was no nine one one where we were but the poison control number that we were served by was the same as it was for people in the city who did have nine one coverage which is the whole weird thing like a weird conclusion that my brain drew from that whole experience. Yeah I when I read your outline. Initially the story about how Chewable children's aspirin was a real problem resonated very personally because someone me may have eaten a whole bottles where the kids knew. Well here's what happened so I think I had like A. I don't know a headache or a fever. Something and I have siblings. That are A pretty fair margin older than me and so one of my siblings had opened the bottle to give me the appropriate dose. And when they did the bottle I think the Bible cracked or something happened where they couldn't close it again and so they dumped the pills into a little dish that was on the kitchen counter thinking. I will put these somewhere safe later. And then they got left on the kitchen counter and I was like these are delicious. But that was after the shift had been made where The the amount that were sold in anyone bottle was small enough right that a healthy and robust childlike myself was fine. Yeah I just had no aches and pains. I probably felt bulletproof. It could have run through the neighborhood. Like crashing into things. It'd be like I'm fine. I kept going. Yeah I I. I don't recall personally any of the Times that my mom had to call poison control. So it's like I've I heard them told you me by my mom and one was. I had found a fingernail Polish and painted my face with it nice and she wasn't sure if any of it had gotten into my mouth I ate Easter grass out of my Easter basket. Well now they make grass just for children and that that was not that was nontoxic and then I think I don't think she called poison control this time. I think she called the pediatrician. When I was still very young and do not really understand the difference between real and make believe I told her. I had swallowed a pin off the ironing board. She called my pediatrician and not poison control. So anyway. So you were Alirza. Child is what you're generally. I did become a liar a little later when I did know what. The difference between truth and falsehood was. This was more like I. I didn't quite get the grasp between things I imagined and things that were real quite yet i. I had some other things at some other point that I wanted to poison control that I forgot..

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