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And that she was really skeptical until she saw on her skin and the other heels, and she was like, okay. This is legit cool. And it uses LED. Monitor's LED's and things like that too. So who knows how well this actually works. But she said, it looks really cool. There's no price or release date. But that was like going robot arm that puts us on their a one you sold in your hand Carrollton a link in the chat, it's just like a. Like, a Wanda us like in your hand that has like lights, and I guess like like makeup in it that kind of. I don't know it feels like witchcraft and I'm a fan. So that's one of those things where it's like, okay. I'm down with like this makeup thing. But and also we're gonna talk about the controversy in in a little bit. But actually that's controversial products. I'm actually all about that too. But I don't know. Why yet I mean, everybody has said even more than other years. Like, there's always kind of the mean that like this is like CAS is dead now. But it really is starting to feel like CS is dead. Jeff. What are your thoughts? You know? It's funny. Even though I've been in the tech industry for a couple of decades. I have never been nearly as much as a gadget person as either of you folks, or many of my other friends, and so and that combined with the fact that I've been a longtime follower and self admitted fan boy of apple has never meant as much to me. I was always amused that apple would often have their MacWorld events and things right around January often suck up a lot of the oxygen both from the media. But also just in terms of I was biased like juicing. Cool new things like the iphone was introduced, I guess what is it twelve years ago now in January of two thousand seven during CIs. Yeah. I apple has never been at CS. Right. But they have always been kind of this outwardly presence. I mean, if they have been there has been through parts like homecare hanging over Las Vegas. Oh completely. And in fact, I mean like you said it was twelve years ago that the iphone was announced and it was announced at MacWorld in San Francisco. So it was announced like you had most of the reporters were stuck at CS. You had some of the ones that are MacWorld. And you could kind of this was before I was I was in the tech journalism stuff. But was. One of those things where it was like everybody who was not at the iphone launch. And was stuck at you. You could get the palpable since they all they all wanted to die..

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