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The right side. The art of chasing what matters. So there's a there's a there's a lot of autobiography in here. This is talk about your journey, right? How did it start? Did you plan because I didn't to get into broadcasting heck now know what was it active? Now, I went to law school business degree then went to law school, and I love you wanted to be an actor. Right. Just like that's trashy. You're not going to be in that car. No trust me. I and I tell us the book about the first time that I came to New York, New York City, and we went and saw any on Broadway and I would not stop with a song because when I got home, I got a songbook and play the piano, growing up. So I would be at the piano does on all com. Do you know like a little Helen Reddy at eight years old? Pay loved it. I'm apparently like immediately clamped down on the show biz idea like not happening. No trashy people. So I was not doing it's interesting because there is that, you know, in the old days, it really was that it was it was, you know, you were a fallen woman if you want to say. Right. That's sort of how my parents viewed it. They also viewed broadcasting and journalism that way when I was in college. My dad said you're going to med school, or law school, so pick, one clearly not going to med school. If you know me at all, but I was like law school. There should be no math there. I'll be fine, and there's lots of arguing. So I thought it'd be good at that, too. Do love politics. So, yeah, I went into law practice for a few years, hated it. I'm just going to be honest. But it always was news junkie, and I started to think I wonder if it could really transition into a career in that, and I did an internship at twenty nine years old at the local station where I was practicing law in Tampa of his grandma intern. And I would go out with anyone who was nice enough to let me go without any nine everybody else's twenty. It was weird. They're like view. What your lawyer doing here at night, making coffee for people answering the phones? It was weird, but I loved it so much as soon as I was in the newsroom, I was like this is what I'm doing. So it was a really rocky path did end up where I did. But I never thought it'd be doing this. Yeah. So it was that was local news. So that was the what was it? Like like you read about, you know, was it was. Ron burgundy. I'm Ron burgundy. Yes, it was a little bit like that. I answer the phones I make coffee. I worked my first job overnight was to a two am to eleven am very glam. I had no friends at that point. Luckily, I was married. So my husband had to be friends with me, but I was so exhausted. All the time and had the dumbest our so I couldn't do anything ever, but I didn't care. I loved it so much every time somebody would quit. I would take their jobs so prompter oppor raider quit. That's an important job. Now, I'm running prompter. Non-producing on FOX nation. I do my own prompt or now with the foot pedal. Yeah. I feel like a rockstar foot pedals during the show. Eric ATar blogger doing that at the same time now. You, do you have any any, any talent to dish on the local news world, did you have to deal with, with, with, with divas and things say, one of the anchors and probably was justified in this. But with scream at me every commercial break because I didn't know what it was. There was no training, just like one more. Now, you're running the prompter, and I'm like, okay. Yeah. So every commercial break, I would get I know you're trying to sabotage me, I'm like, I promise. I'm not I've had no training. No no idea what I'm doing. I'm trying to follow you here. But, you know there were a lot of people who told me you don't belong in this. This is my first market was Tampa, which is like thirteen or twelve or something. Wait numbers rankings of the biggest markets like New York, summer wind, and you go all the way through down to, like two hundred and some place in thirteenth Big Ben. It's huge. And so people are like you do not belong here. In fact, I did get fired from that first job, which was humiliating, but really good for me in the long run getting fired was people always say that, but it doesn't feel that way. Then Where'd you go after Tampa Charlotte North? Carolina. Okay. That's it was so much fun. I did a lot of NASCAR stuff while I was there, which is awesome. Then I got a call at the end of that contract about coming to work for NBC the local embassy in Washington loved that I did a weekend show that was on around the same time as Tim russert. So I would sneak into the green room. I co anchor at night, and eat the good snacks. They had for the real super celebrity like Senate majority leader, whoever's coming in for their interview. And at one point, it got so bad that they put up a sign that said network only local weirdos were in there eating their snacks. I get you had a weekend show on the local shooting at same day shooting his press as. Yeah. Until we would see Tim russert, and we would fan girl over him, super excited. But we would also get in line for their breakfast, spread that they had for the network guests and act. Like we belong there until they put a sign out we continue to ignore the sign and just go get snacks anyway, and then they started locking the door. Oh my gosh. So they apparently thought we'd had enough sense. We used to do that with Red Eye because when we would tape Red Eye O'Reilly was often taping. So we sometimes go down to that dressing room and they'd be like, why are the red? I guess, cressner snag. I know got the good go down where the water and black hoffy is. You're not getting right warm water. There's cold water help yourself. So then you came to FOX, just when did you get her to Fox News? I got here in two thousand seven after meeting Brit Hume at a speech that he was giving and being sort of politely blown off by him. But eventually winning him over that's the way it works. You know, Greg talks about being blown off by Dana. He tried to get her on Red Eye as a guest and he. Is it? She denies it. She blew him up, and he said, she was looking over his shoulder, like when do, but then on the five and the rest is history, medical history. So the book is finding the bright side, the art of chasing what matters and Shannon bream. I know it's going to be a huge bestseller. There's a lot more in here. It's your journey. And then there's tips what are they gonna learn? They are people the thing is people want to read about you. So we got that down, graphic done the Shannon, fans are going to buy the book, but for people will they will they learn how to find the right side of that. They will because I talk about things like being fired as a terrible thing. Almost everybody's gonna go through it. At some point, it was completely demoralizing, it's not good for you financially. It was tough. But I talk about some real tough things like a health struggle that I had that left me and chronic pain for a couple of years and really at a very dark place. I mean contemplating suicide it was really very difficult. Yeah. And I don't think people think that when they see me or no mere see me on TV. It's also easy. They're like Shannon has it easy. She her life is great. She's always smiling. Right. Which is generally true. I do feel that way about life, but that was really dark period. And I thought it was important to be vulnerable and transparent and share that because everybody is going to go through a really rough patches. And I wanted to say listen, I've been there, I've really wanted to end everything. But there is a way to pull yourself back out there are lifelines, there are people for me. My faith is the number one thing, that's what got me through the worst moments. So I talk about that all throughout the book, but really reaching out to people when you're desperate, and you need help. Don't be afraid to do that. So I hope that people will be encouraged if they're in a tough spot that they will look to those things to help him out. I love it. Shannon bream finding the right side. The art of chasing. What matters? Thank you so much for stopping in. And I hope we'll see you soon. Can we together? Sometimes in definitely a little bit of a barbershop harmonizing. You know what speaking.

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