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Home games tomorrow as they take on the capitals hurricanes hold the top wild card spot in the east with continuing news updates from around the state I'm Kyle Wilson clouds continue to increase here's we had through the day today temperatures into the upper fifties this afternoon scattered showers tonight upper forties more rain for Friday and Saturday I'm meteorologist Ken boon from the weather channel on one oh six one FM talk from the G. D. service now plumbing heating and air conditioning traffic center accidents still causing a little bit of a slow traffic forty westbound between highway seventy by pass and highway seventy business ports of a road hazard capital Boulevard at Millbrook scout part at one oh six one FM talk from I heart radio number one four podcast monster DC sniper I don't think America has ever gone back to the way that it was before the DC sniper the gunman most likely a skilled marksman fired six times in the course of sixteen hours he was a psychopathic cold blooded killer the freezing event of the year bass boats sailboats offshore rig in ready Bassam saltwater fishing expo January ten through twelve state fairgrounds Raleigh NC both jobs dot com is bad okay so want to hear something amazing discover matches of the cash back you weren't at the end of your first year automatically with no limit to how much they'll match millions of people a year are getting their cash back matched discover cashback.

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