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Even give you a referral for a great approved christian counselor in your area life lighting me life i wanna scream dan dan smith folks as we finish out the show we love to open up our inbox which are questions from you and this week this is kind of a fun one because we have one on entertainment specifically movies folks as we finish so out of the show course we we love had to to open pull up in our inbox our which are own questions bob walsh from eski you who heads and up our this plugged week this in is kind of a ministry fun one because here we have focus one on on the family bob entertainment welcome lisa specifically always movies good to be on the show so very of course we had fun to pull to have in you and our of course own bob folks walsh we eski have linked who heads to up our plugged plugged in in right ministry in this here segment focus on so the family hop over bob to the website welcome and lisa you will be able always to see good to be much on the show more very than we'll be covered fun here to have you and of course folks we have linked to plugged in right in this segment so hop over to the website and you will be able to see much more than we'll be covered here.

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