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Insurance Company and affiliates pricing coverage match limited by state law. CBS News Time Now is 7 48. We are first traffic. We're off the San Francisco here once again, Peter Scofield. In San Francisco. This is 80 West, found just before the Central Freeway split. It's a stall vagrant blocking the right lane. But the Chilton auto body collision, Cam now sees that it apparently got restarted on its own. It is beginning to move again. And the back up to before Ninth Street is beginning to thin out. If you're leaving the city on the lower deck of the Bay Bridge, 80 East found no delays through the tunnel and then on into Oakland, the Golden Gate Bridge one south bound. This is near the toll gates. The solo crash into one of the dividers there at the toll plaza has been cleared. And the backup on the Golden Gate Bridge is gone. The Altamont Pass 5 80 eastbound going in the Tracy direction speeds are down from the stone are two railroad bridge to the to all five split. And if you're continuing from Tracy or to Tracy from there You'll find he's found 205 bogging down from before Tracy Boulevard almost to Interstate five highway 1 52 eastbound. This is an eastern Santa Clara County right about the boundary former, said county The just past dinosaur point. The right lane has been cleared. The car fire is out of the flames apparently kept to the car. There was some concern that might ignite a grass fire in the area, but the fire's out And the lanes are open. And the backup there is beginning to thin out. Your next traffic update is 7 58 on the traffic leader KCBS. All right, Peter, unless checked the KCB a six day forecast. And for that we're going to call in k p x five's Poul Hagen air quality is the big concern is we head through the next couple of.

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