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One of the greatest country singers ever them in the Tennessee to we're talking about Mister Johnny Cash his own unique style wrote a lot of songs and that movie walk like a man and was a darn good tale we had a quickly go back to the phones on this Saturday let's go to brother to white the white your own six hundred W. R. U. C. hello hello I do agree with you there you know all of all the things about Medicare NATO Hey and there's so many burns starting where the left over from they are bothered more striations are simple almost performance silence well local but non military curl against our right of that okay don't you agree I don't this is troubling I do not believe there there was cognizant or inherent plan to effect a coup now they possibly could have done it I don't want to go out that far I'm a hard core conservative Obama did some good things he did some bad things a lot of the economic problems that we fell into where because of the Obama administration now much like George W. bush had in his first term when he had the house and the Senate he could have dealt with a lot of issues about what could have to decide trump could have when trump assumed office see a dissenter house and the Senate and he dealt with what he dealt with they didn't deal with the dreamers that Obama said they were going to do they didn't deal with Dhaka and I'm not going to sit back and second guess what I believe about trump and what I like about him is America first but I have pointed out I have pointed out many Republican senators have complained about the Chinese ripping of us all of which they have big time and nobody actually did anything trump was the first American president in modern times to effectively say to the Chinese no more any Gagra size Ford right he removed the embassy one other thing that he did a lot of people don't realize and some of us come out you know I spent twenty two years in the military our military was in terrible shape due to cuts made by the bomb not blame it all about because Congress is in it too but it's a fact that we were in no shape to fight a major war trump is sense built rebuild the military which we need it another world takes a serious seriously we are college Gerald who wants to believe that the world doesn't believe me the Chinese do not want to deal with this man of all year no I don't and I I I I can't call it right now it's still too far off but if they have to deal with him another four years I think we'll get fair treatment what else would go ahead and do what I wanted to have you say what others normally burns luster type the First Lady I'm not gonna write anything again Michelle Obama you're the nice person she well she would never wear stockings but she was a good person well come very true to our bureau all up and tell your but your what three four five languages yeah yes wonderful dog they did and they have them they are very lead dog a pretty day her and don't mind Hey that one Saturday Night Live were upper concluded curve our weather well well well now there there is where we part company I live has an affinity for this Saturday Night Live visibility for skewing almost everybody that's what they do did anybody ever act like Magellan yeah all work yeah four I've seen and I've seen him do satire on her Hey I appreciate your not Paula judge I got to move on I want to school you Janice in here Janice you're on six hundred W. R. we see talk to me yes I think that trump is a man of the people yes ma'am of our career politicians they think because of their education that they're better than those of us that are conservative well you know were deplorable where the Walmart people and trump has treated the quiet help like it is to help the people okay I agree I agree with that Olympic had personal Lympics Americans had businesses that are made in America and I know recently he had the little league team that won the World Series yeah yeah and he took them all in the airport to give me a tech come on airforce one and they appear to one of his rallies yeah he said most of the other presidents had all the celebrities and the white count all he had prison reform in there he did he it like this and he's a he's a man of the the the people and he has a sense of humor and the the press does not seem to appreciate that well I laughed a lot of the things trump does because it's satire he does a lot of staff time but he's also a counter puncher you got to realize this is a man will fail built himself back his businesses failed he build them back up in two billion dollar entities if you're getting these go ahead to bag Janice I hate to cut you short I'm I'm just almost out of time I thank you ma'am you have a great weekend let's go to dear and then we'll go to a song Derek you on six hundred W. R. E. C. are you a one burner so yellow dot com rules yeah that came for war were to when you have a good day well I thank you Sir I don't necessarily know what you applying them to I I guess when I started this out about the Goebbels lie in the hit loud the big lie I as a conservative to be fair I have been trained in broadcast journalism when you say the president did such and such you want to be able to give that to was called out to musicians we got the story from Jack Williams congressman from wherever now when you tell me did an agency I give it a privilege of working with the F. B. I. was biased that troubles me but they work Peter struck Lisa page works for the FBI and they were out to get tough that is not open to dispute and you don't do that in the FBI James call me did like you James call me was trying to secretly recorded you don't do that to a president I don't care if he's from the other party or what if you don't have any respect for the men you have respect for the for the office and I respect the office greatly we're going to get out of here I want to thank ms Saddam and we got football coming up per text message I want to play a little of this as much as we can before we got to get out of here god bless you have a great week we have a show next Saturday as well always remember that you are born into the greatest country man is ever known and you have freedoms you have to use them but research research research don't believe the Democrats don't believe the Republican research for yourself god bless.

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