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Have forty five degrees. Lot of cases of hepatitis A reported in northern Kentucky. And there's a call for police people who live there to be vaccinated northern Kentucky health department says our region had fifty cases of hepatitis A in August. And that outbreak has not slowed down in a typical year. We don't have any cases of hepatitis A. And currently in northern Kentucky. We're at over two hundred cases right now and continues to to increase doctor'll Sadler. Or the cases that have been reported to the. The health department the most common risk factors are illicit drug use and homelessness, but she says everyone should get the hepatitis a vaccine because of how easy it is to come into contact with a person who is still contagious the best way to prevent infection wash your hands, Jack. Crumley News Radio seven hundred wwl w northern Kentucky is one of the homes to a new government strikeforce team designed to fight the opioid crisis. The acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker was in town. Earlier today for the announcement FBI A agents will be working out of fort Mitchell. Marriott says it was informed back in September that some of its star, Starwood guess reservation database had been hacked into possibly exposing the information of five hundred million guests destination by the hotel chain reveals that hackers did make their way into the system or before September tenth and the company believes that personal details, including names addresses dates of birth and passport numbers. Email addresses and phone numbers for millions of guests were likely exposed. Hackers may also have stolen encrypted. Credit card information beechwood wins. The Kentucky won a football title. Its third straight this afternoon over pike fill twenty one twenty in Lexington. Billy Hamilton not playing for the reds next season. The reds not offering him a contract. He is headed to free agency reds fest until ten thirty tonight at the Duke Energy convention center. It'll pick up again tomorrow morning at eleven on Wall Street, the Dow closed up two hundred points today, NASDAQ up fifty seven and SNP up. Twenty two news is a service of Queen city sausage in. Our next update is coming up at eight thirty. I met Reese NewsRadio seven hundred wwl..

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