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He's moving the ball would i think he does he slices the onion thinner and thinner uk hiddink he's a genius basic i love it i love it if you on your toes i saw him do it with point guards i saw him say russell westbrook's best point guard the nba and cianci and jaylen lost their minds and he said what i'm saying is he's the best scoring point guard in the nba and they're like what about steph and he's like what i'm saying is he's the best scoring true point guard in the nba because curry's not true point guard and chris paul is not a scoring point guard so he's the best i'll take these two concepts and put them together and then i've got just the perfect concoction that's russ was trying to lock himself into a very specific thing every time he gives the take you just can't and been out yet you can't he's really good at this he's really get this so as kevin durant kevin durant he's doing a guys he's doing it by the way you need a max kellerman like timetable for this prediction is eighteen months is a little bit too long what do i get to the end of the month and he get what fi months of the finals like max i want the end of the month so end of the month i'm going to scramble all the way to the last moment and say i get to whatever my prediction is it'll be at the end of that my i love it when the czech cash it will gain show is presented by progressive insurance straight ahead your calls eight eight seventy nine three seven seven six that's eight eight eight say yes pin can't you see it can't you see what's happening before your eyes kevin durant is passing lebron james is the will cain show on espn radio in the years pena barabach wattanawar hawks watson valves drops in the front court special pride on all coleman off the guy from.

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