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And you were part of that it was and not like historic low with the big age but like the idea that that these things are they still have resonance is exciting i just when people tell me younger people especially told me that they like those movies from that era i'm always astounded like i just worked with the young kid named when teague who's in a bunch of movies right now i think he's most recent movie was it very good he's very good name is he was blaming onto brother in this movie and i was asking him like just about what his friends are into and stuff like that and he told me like the faculty as well swear all the time it's something magical runner never stopped playing to the point where i almost feel like you know in movie theaters like my dad always talks about growing up the the movie would just play so you could come in half that's how i feel at the faculty i now know every scene so well that i go okay this is the c naked lady about negative lady it's fine we're good this is coming out i know it backwards and forward but even that looking looking at different stuff that you've been in it's just all there obviously pro your land that first job the first movie gay i don't know like i honestly i addition i didn't know my lines i was working on this tv show called cracker i my first gig was tv show co cracker and i landed that just on a lark essentially i was doing a play in new york was going to school in new york and someone saw me in the play asked me addition for a couple of couple of gigs and i landed to apparently the first one was this show called cracker and the other one that i didn't hear about until ten years ago when i was doing a play in london because the the casting director dianne crittenden came to see the play and came backstage afterward and said i always thought you were an arrogant little.

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